About us

About us

Chogori Adventure the best trekking, expedition, and tour company in Pakistan. An Islamabad Based Ecotourism  Company we provide the best traveling, lodging, and logistic services all across Pakistan. Founded by a team of passionate adventure lovers we provide bespoke mountain adventures (Climbing Expeditions, Trekking, River Rafting), sightseeing, and cultural tours in Pakistan. Whether it is the most challenging and spectacular mountains of the Karakoram or the Himalayas, visiting the historic city sites or luxurious Cultural tours our professional team and staff have proven their abilities serving hundreds of our visitors each year.


As a trusted leader in the mountains, we have a proven track of the best adventure travel agency in the mountains, with the help of our climber, guides, other staff, and logistics we have proven ourselves the best trekking and expedition company in Pakistan.


Our team organizes tailor-made or customized peak climbing expeditions. trekking and tours which allow you to discover local cultures and geography and stand as the best travel agency in Pakistan. Trekking and expeditions gives exhilarating spectacular view of mountain trails, high mountain passes and experiencing the unexplored wilderness of mountains.




Chogori Adventure is the pioneer of ecotourism in Pakistan. Service, integrity, caring for the locals, clients and partners  and environment is the foremost priority.


Our Social responsibly programs


Teach a Girl


We have a project running in the region we operate we sponsor three female teachers at different primary schools in the Shigar Valley of Gilgit Baltistan. Our focused school provides 30 scholarships to the local underprivileged kids each year. Our slogan is to teach a girl with each foreign tourist we have for trekking or expedition. As well we provide a free tour to the trekkers to the focused school while your trekking in Shigar Valley


Environment protection


We provide plants to the local community each year, we are partner with the government Ten Billion trees Tsunami Program  in the upper region of shigar Valley. Many Kanals of Barren land has been converted into Fruit orchard in the region with our partnership with the government and local community.

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we envision greater co-operation and partnerships with our partners and stack holders to truly become the front runner in Pakistan tourism.