Best Places to Visit in Skardu – Top Tourist Attractions


Skardu Valley perched between the mighty Karakoram and Himalayan Mountains is home to some of the world’s jaw-dropping adventure destinations and tourist places. Skardu valley located at an altitude of 2,230m sea level in the extreme north of Pakistan is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The valley is blessed with blue waters, alpine lakes, lush green meadows, historic fortresses, and high-altitude deserts.


Skardu is no doubt a paradise for tourists if you are looking for a Pakistan tour Skardu valley is a must-visit place you do not want to miss. Skardu valley has the most foreigner visitors as compared to other places in Pakistan altogether The Skardu city is the capital town of the Karakoram range and is the logistic hub for all trekking and expeditions in the Karakoram mountains.  The route to the famous k2 mountain and other peaks originate from Skardu valley, the classic k2 Base Camp Trek, Gondogoro la, snow lake trek, and many other adventure journeys start from Skardu.


Before going to the top visit places in Skardu one thing is important to mention, like other valleys of Gilgit Baltistan Skardu itself is not only a single Valley, the whole Baltistan region is known as Skardu valley which includes the following sub valleys as (Shigar Valley, Khaplu valley, kharamang Valley, Rundo Valley, and Deosai /Gultari valley). So most of the time if someone is talking about Skardu that means all these valleys of Skardu.

So here we will try to shed light on the best places to visit in each valley of Skardu.


Top Places to Visit in the outskirts of Skardu

Skardu is a heaven a serene destination to spend your vacations, you can find multiple tourist destinations in the outskirts of Skardu in less than an hour’s drive. The best places to visit in Skardu are as follow:


1: Kharpocho Fort:

A must-visit historic monument in Skardu, Kharpocho Fort is a 16th Century old Fortress built by the famous king of Baltistan Ali Sher Khan Anchan, whose family ruled over the land for centuries. The ruins of  Kharpocho fort depict the past glory of the kingdom.


The Fort is situated on the Kharpocho hill just half an hour’s hike from Skardu’s main Bazar. Kharpocho fort is the best viewpoint of Skardu Town the high rising peaks, lush green Skardu city, Cold Desert and Indus River can be observed from kharpocho Fort.


2: Nansok Organic Village

One of the organic villages of Skardu valley just an hour’s walk from Skardu city is situated behind the Kharpocho hill on the bank of the Indus River. This is one of the preserved places in Skardu. The village got attention after prince Charles and Dutchess of Cornwell visited the place in 2005.


3: Sadpara lake

The turquoise lake surrounded by mountains situated at the entrance of Skardu from Deosai is one of the top spots to visit in Skardu Valley. Sadpara lake is one of the artificial lakes in Pakistan located 8km away from Skardu.


4: Manthal Buddha Rock Carving

Buddha Rock at Manthal is one of the prominent remanents of the Buddhist Era. This is a 9th-century Buddist Symbol from the golden time of Buddhism in the region. The rock carvings show a crafted sculpture of Budha in the center of the rock, surrounded by junior ones. Don’t forget to stop by the Buddha Rock on the way to Sadpara lake or Deosai.


5: Katpana Cold Desert

Surrounded by lush green Skardu valley and high peaks katpana cold desert is one of the high altitude alpine deserts. The places in 5 km away from Skardu city. You can stop by the Katpana cold desert while going or coming towards Skardu airport via an alternative link road through Ranga Village.


6: Italian Museum PTDC motel Skardu

Italian Museum is at PTDC Motel Skardu is one the must-visit spots in Skardu. There is more about history, alpinism, and history in  display. Being built by the Italian Government it displays the old utensils, antiques, and architecture of the region, as well history of each valley of  Baltistan and mountaineering testimonials.


All these must-visit places are within the outskirts of Skardu city.


Places to visit in Skardu Within one hour drive from Skardu City;

The following attractions are just an hour’s drive away from the Capital city of Skardu

1: Chunda Valley

2: Shangri-la Resort or Lower Kachura Lake

3: Upper Kachura Lake

4: Sok Valley Kachura

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