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Nangma Valley, Baltistan



Amin Brak Expedition Summary


Amin Brak Aka Great Tower is a 5850m high granite tower located in the Nangma Valley of Gacgche district in the Karakoram range of Pakistan. Amin Brak Expedition offers one of the best technical rock climbing experiences in the Karakoram region. The Brak or Tower is in an open zone, so the climber did not need any permit or royalty fee to climb the Amin Brak (Great Tower) 5800m (5850m). Amin Brak expedition does not require long trekking like other peaks in the region it is just three days’ journey from Skardu, the capital of Karakoram. 25-30 days are recommended to climb Amin Brak starting and ending in Islamabad.



Nangma Valley the Yosemite of Pakistan


Nangma Valley is the least explored region in the Karakoram range of north Pakistan as compare to other valleys, the valley got attention after a team of Spanish climbers attempted Amin Brak in the region. Nangma valley is a mountain Canyon above the Kanday village in the Gangche district of the Baltistan region. Nangma valley is known for the abundance of Rock towers and is considered a heaven for rock climbing daredevils around the globe. The Valley was named the Yosemite of Karakoram by a USA Rock climber. There is still a huge number of walls and peaks unclimbed, inviting athletes across the world.


Climb at Amin Brak


Amin Brak expedition presents a highly technical and real climbing mecca.  Many who had attempted quote that Amin Brak is more technical, complex, and the extended wall on the earth and consider it harder than Tower Towers. They said Amin Brak is all granite from the bottom to the top at 5,850m, as compared to Trango Towers which they consider more schist and gneiss.


The Brak was first attempted by a Spanish team 1n 1995 and many teams tried over time but Amin Brak was the first time summited by Spanish climber Silvia Vidal, Pep Masip, and Miguel Puigdomenech in August 1999. Amin Brak was a nameless rock until 1999 the team named the peak after their cook’s son Amin, from then it is globally known as Amin Brak.



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Amin Brak Expedition Cost


We organize Amin Brak expeditions throughout the year, either you can join one of our fixed departures or can ask for a customize Amin Brak expedition. Our Amin Brak expedition all-inclusive packages and cost is given in the following table:

Solo 2 Persons 4 Persons More than 4 Persons
$ 4300 $3400 $2700 $2300




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