Khosar Gang Expedition -12 Days

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Max Altitude6,060mm
Max Temperature(c)35
Min Temperature (c)-5
Climbing Days2-4
Trekking Days2-3
Hotel Stays6-7 nights
Group Size2-8 Person


Khosar Gang Peak Expedition


khosar Gang Peak is a 6,000 m situated on the left bank of Braldo river in Sildi / Kashmal Village of Shigar valley 45km from Skardu City. Khosar Gang  in Balti language stands for Pumpkin Glacier. Local associate much supernatural and myth with this peak. Khosar Gang  peak is technically less difficult peak to start climbing.


It is icy with little rock on the way to the summit make it ideal for intermediate or beginners in climbing as well as an acclimatization Peak for professional climbers. Khosar Gang is no doubt a brilliant introduction to high-altitude mountaineering.

Khosar Gang Peak is the best training station for climbing enthusiasts all around the world, especially hundreds of local climbers who prefer to start their climbing careers from this peak.


The peak is ideal for those who want to start climbing and aim for 7000m peaks and 8000 m peaks. It provides you with the best technical knowledge and acclimatization before a higher altitude. Unlike many other peaks of Karakoram, Khosar Gang Base Camp is easy to reach, it is just 4 to 5 hours trekking from the Sildi Village.


Khosar Gang Expedition provide the panoramic view of Karakoram mountains and Shigar valley from the summit. you can view Spantik 7027m, Nanga Parbat 8000m, and hundreds of above 5000m peaks around.


Khosar Gang Expedition Cost  


Cost for international clients (full Boards)

International clients are provided with full board expedition facilities except insurance and rescue with the following cost schedule . (from Islamabad to back to Islamabad)


Solo2 to 4 personMore than 6 personAbove 6 person


Cost for Pakistani clients

Pakistani clients are served from Skardu to back to Skardu full board services except insurance and accidental rescue with the following costs schedule


Solo2 to 4 persons4 to 8 personsMore than 8 persons
600,000 pkr350,000 pkr300,000 pkr250,000 pkr


We organize Khosar Gang expedition on a tailor-made basis for groups and individuals according to their needs. As well we have following fixed departure, aspirants can join one of the following departures with a fixed price.



Experience Required for Khosar Gang Expedition

Khosar Gang Peak is suitable for those who maintain standard fitness and do normal mountain walks. But must know about climbing equipment’s particularly Ice Axe and Crampons

If you have done any trek in Karakoram, Himalayas, Alp, or Tatras like K2 Base Camp or Gondogoro La Trek, Everest Base Camp, or any other trekking’s equivalent to these treks, Khosar Gang Peak is the best peak to start climbing


Ready to go for Khosar Gang Peak?

Does our Khosar Gang Peak Expedition information excite you to take the next step towards achieving the best climbing experience? get in touch today.  We pride ourselves to be the best in the mountains serving thousands of our clients through our professional training advice, gear lists, logistics, and professional Staff. and much more.  We are always available to your questions.



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Miglik Sar and Spantik peak is among Beginner peaks  and we run fixed departures. Other peaks required extensive climbing skills are open for private groups only.


6,000 m & 7,000 m Peaks in Pakistan Cost USDCost Euro
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Khosar Gang Expedition Departures And Costs

1 July 13 July $ 2,100 Guaranteed Book Now
15 July 22 July $ 2,100 Available Book Now
1 August 13 August $ 2,100 Limited Seats Book Now
15 August 28 August $ 2,100 Available Book Now
1 September 13 Septrember $ 2,100 Limited Seats Book Now
15 September 28 September $ 2,100 Available Book Now
1 October 14 October $ 2,100 Available Book Now


Khosar Gang Expedition Itinerary

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Altitude : 5,40m
Location : Islamabad

The first day of the Khosar Gang Peak Expedition and climbers will be received by one of our staff from Islamabad Airport and escorted to the hotel.

You can spot our staff holding our company card at Islamabad Airport. You are bound to provide flight details 3 to 4 days before arrival. Our staff will pick you up and transfer you to a partner hotel in Islamabad close to Margalla hills. At the hotel, after relaxing and rest clients are bound to pay their dues upon late arrival payment of dues and briefing will be conducted in Skardu.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Room on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 1,265 m / 2,228 m
Location : Chilas/ Skardu

On the second day of Khosar Gang Expedition We will fly to Skardu in the morning. Skardu is the logistic hub of the expeditions and trekking’s in the Karakoram range. The flight from Islamabad to Skardu will provide spectacular views of the Himalaya and Karakoram mountains and we should be able to see Nanga Parbat towering among other peaks.

Upon arrival in Skardu, one of our staff will be waiting at Skardu Airport and will escort the clients to the partner hotel. Upon early arrival, we would have enough time to rest and pay a visit to the local Bazar and the outskirts of Skardu city.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Room on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 2,228 m
Location : Skardu

Skardu is a mountainous town along the Indus river, surrounded by mountains. After breakfast, we will check our gears and apparel for Khosar Gang Expedition, and will buy or rent if something is missing. If we are done with our equipment we will go on an acclimatization hike to the kharpocho and old castle some hundred meters hike from Skardu Bazars. The fort provides a breathtaking view of the Indus river, Skardu, and its Surroundings.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Room on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 2,230 m
Location : Shigar

Early in the morning, we will leave for Sildi Village. Sildi is the last village before Khosar Gang peak. We will drive to Sildi Village with our crew and supplies. It's a 2-3-hour jeep drive from Skardu to Sildi. After half hour drive from Skardu, we will reach the Shigar valley which hosts the second-highest peak (K2) on the planet. We will go through the lush green fields of Shigar valley along the Shigar river and the valley is narrowed as we further proceed to Sildi village.

Upon arrival at Sildi Village we will have meet our porters and local team and we will start trekking to the Khosar Gang Peak Base Camp Which is 3-4-hour strenuous steep hike and we recommend to carry enough water and snakes during the hike. Our staff establishes tents and the participants will be served a hot cup of tea with cookies and snacks. We will take dinner in our mess tent and camp overnight in a fully serviced campsite.

  • Accommodation: Tents on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 2,230 m- 6,060 m
Location : Shigar

On this day we will trek to Camp 2 From Khosar Gang Base Camp Which is a summer settlement, you will get a chance to meet with local shepherds and can enjoy yak butter and yogurts. This is a tough day of steep hike of 6-8 hours. Refill your water bottles and pack enough food and snakes for the whole day. Upon arrival at Khosar Gang Base Camp our staff will establish the camp and prepare food and overnight at a starry campsite with the whole view of Shigar valley in the horizon.

It is a hard day so sleep on time and get ready for the climb in the early morning

  • Accommodation: Tents on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Location : Shigar

Climbing Days at Khosar Gang

Altitude : 2,228 m
Location : Shigar/Skardu

Hike back to Sildi village and drive to Skardu .

  • Accommodation: Hotel Room on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 1,265m / 2,228 m
Location : Chilas/ Islamabad

Back to Chilas or Narran (In Case of Flight: Flight to Islamabad from Skardu) .

  • Accommodation: Hotel Room on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 5,40 m
Location : Islamabad

Drive to Islamabad or Rest in Islamabd (In Case of Flight).

  • Accommodation: Hotel Room on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 5,40 m

We will Escort our client to Islamabad International Airport to Say Goodbye


Khosar Gang Expedition Highlights

  • Excursion of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and its outskirt (international clients)
  • The beautiful Karakoram highway
  • Skardu city and its beautiful places
  • Shigar valley
  • Rich culture and local exposure
  • Great trekking in the Karakorum
  • Beautiful snow-capped peaks, particularly from the base camp and top of the Khosar Gang Peak
  • Balti Porters


Services Included For Khosar Gang Expedition

  • All Covid SOPs will be Implemented
  • All domestic transportation and Flights (International clients only)
  • All hotels twin sharing (International Clients)
  •  Camping, lodging on twin sharing, and food throughout the tour (International clients only)
  • Jeep from Skardu to Sildi village
  • All lodging and food at base camp
  • High Altitude Porter (Climbing Guides)
  • Guide, Porters and cooking staff
  • Solar power at base camp
  • 25 kg of personal baggage
  • Satellite phone, sleeping tents, mattresses, and sleeping bags
  • Climbing gears and rope


We encourage individuals and teams from around the world to join one of our Khosar Gang Peak fixed departures or private expeditions. Women and women all around the world can join us, as most of our team members are individuals and we arrange teams accordingly.


Participants must be in good shape for the Khosar Gang Expedition. If you have climbing experience of any 3500m or 4000m peak anywhere in the world you can find yourself eligible for Khosar Gang Peak. Those who have experience of doing Big trekking’s like (Everest Base Camp Trek, Island peak trek. K2 Base Camp Trek, K2 Gondogoro La Trek or Snow Hiper La trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek) or any other trekking of the same difficulty in Karakoram and Himalaya is Eligible for this Expedition. Khosar Gang Peak is categorized as a trekking peak by many experts rather than a climbing expedition so do not underestimate yourself get ready for the adventure. For further details, leave a message we will let you know in person.

Khosar Gang Peak Climbing History

The first ascent of this peak was made in 1899 by the American Couple Dr. William Hunter Workman and Fanny Bullock Workman. The estimated elevation of peak by them was 21,000ft. At that time this was a world altitude record for women climbers.  Since then there have been many expeditions and the success rate is above 90%. Simone Morro, Denis Urubko, and their team have also tried this peak for acclimatization during their famous Karakoram winter expedition 2010-11. They could not summit Khosar gang peak and just end up below some meters from the summit due to the risk of frostbite to one of the climbing partners Corey.


In recent years it has gained more attention from climbing enthusiasts, across the world, particularly among domestic Pakistani climbers. There are more than 20 expeditions each year and most of them are being undertaken by local climbers. We are the host of Khosar Gang Peak; it is our communal pasture so we are able to provide a better package than anyone else. We offer a full-service Khosar Gang Expedition at a very reasonable cost.

Climbing Information or Camps at Khosar Gang Peak

We undertake Khosar Gang Expedition from Sildi village shigar, Khosar Gang base camp is also accessible from Yonu and Mango villages of shigar as well. Climbing Khosar Gang Peak does not need extensive climbing and technical skills it is an easy and straightforward expedition. The base camp is about 5-6 hours hike on the steep slopes of the hill from the village. Khosar Gang Base Camp is established at a grassy land in front of the peak.

The are two more camps above base camp; camp 1 and camp 2.  Base Camp is located at an altitude of 3800m, while camp 1 at 4800 and camp 2 at 5200m altitude. The route till camp 2 is mostly rocky or grass with rough patch of rocky patch above camp 1 but up to camp 1 it is mostly grass. The route till camp 1 and between camp 1 and camp 2 is a steeper hike than climbing. Onward from camp 2 it is snow and need some extensive climbing of 5-6 hours to summit. This section is mostly angled snow slope with a vertical wall of snow about 90m which required rope fixing. In sum Khosar gang expedition is a moderate climbing peak in the heart of karakoram with 90-100 m technical section above camp 2.

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