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Spantik base camp trek


Spantik base camp trek provides one of the best trekking experiences in the Karakoram range of Pakistan. Spantik Peak Altitude of 7027m was once rarely visited, has now got the attention of thousand adventure seeker due to its low technicality and easy approach. Spantik base camp trek provides the best trekking experience that other trek may not, it is just a few days from Skardu City. We organize 10 days Spantik Base Camp trek for trekkers from the Shigar side of Spantik face. Normally this side of Karakoram is not crowded like the K2 side so one has the opportunity to feel the romantic wilderness of Karakoram.


Spantik base camp trek offers a moderate trekking terrain slightly steeper towards Spantik base camp the trail is a mixture of glaciers and green pastures surrounded by snow caped rock or ice peaks. The Adventure start from Skardu where we have 4*4 Jeeps to drive to the Arando village in Shigar Valley. We will drive through the lush green valley of Shigar along the Basha River till Arando. Traveling to Arando itself is an adventure before the trek. Arando is the last village and human settlement for Spantik adventures. Then trek till Balocho camp is mostly pastures and rough terrain with many 5, 6 thousand meter peaks in the surrounding and for last two days, it is mostly glaciers till Spantik base camp.



Spantik Peak Base Camp is a popular playground for mountain enthusiasts in the heart of Karakorum. Spantik peak is situated at the border of Shigar and Nagar valley of Gilgit Baltistan. Spantik is Called with different names from both sides. All of its names show the beauty, grandeur, and wilderness of the mountain. There are two distinct faces of Spantik the northwest face from Nagar Valley and the other southeastern face from Arando Shigar Valley. The northwestern face is named as “Ghinesh” in Brushaski language stand for “Golden Mountain” or “Queen”. And this face is more popular with the name of “Golden peak”. And the original name Spantik is mostly used for the face from Shigar Valley. Span-Tik is a Balti language word that means a “High Altitude Pature. Spantik Base Camp Trek and expedition are mostly undertake from Shigar Valley mostly due to its accessibility and easy terrain.



Spantik Base Camp Trek Cost

We Offer the Following Costs to individuals and groups for our Spantik Base Camp trek.

you can also join one of our fixed Departures at a fixed price of  USD 1,000.

Solo 2-4 Person More than 4
$2,000 $ 1,200 $ 1,000






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