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Skardu Tour Packages


We offer fully served all-inclusive or hybrid,  solo, and group Skardu tour packages for all domestic and international visitors. Skardu valley is the top destination to spend your holidays touring among the giant mountains of the Karakoram and the Himalayas. Skardu valley perched between the Karakoram and Himalayan mountains is blessed with lakes, fortresses, rivers, waterfalls, alpine meadows, and even alpine deserts.


Skardu valley located at the height of 7300 feet (2225m) in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan is home to nature’s wildest adventures and jaw-dropping sceneries, with fresh spring and glacier waters blessing the town with a heavenly look. For all the tourists who are planning a Pakistan tour, Skardu tour or Skardu Valley remains a place in Northern Pakistan that nobody wants to miss visiting.



Our Skardu tour packages and costs:


Chogori Adventure Pakistan the leading  Native tour company of Skardu valley offers a variety of tours and activities in Skardu valley.

If you are looking for a Budgeted  Skardu tour  Package join our fixed departures, Our Skardu fixed departure by air cost starts from 35,000 without Airfare, and By road, Skardu tour fixed departures start from 25,000.


Other than the fixed departures, all tours are private tours and customizable.


We have guaranteed 12 By Road SKadu tours and By Air Skardu Fixed Departures each year.



By Air Skardu Tour Packages and Cost

We offer the following by air Skardu Tour Packages for Domestic Visitors.


By Air Skardu Tour PackagesStandard




 By Air Skardu Tour Packages from Islamabad35,000220,000
 By Air Skardu Tour Packages From Lahore45,000230,000
 By Air Skardu Tour Packages From Karachi75,000230,00
Private By Air Skardu Tour 95,000250,000


By Road Skardu Tour Packages and Cost

Our by Raod Skardu tour Packages are as Follow:

Given cost is for 1 person and a minimum of 4 participants is mandatory for a guaranteed tour.


Skardu Tour PackageBudget




Islamabad to Skardu By Road Tour Packages25,00090,000
Lahore to Skardu By Road Skardu Tour Packages30,00095,000
Karachi to Skardu By Road Skardu Tour Package35,000100,000
By Road Skardu Honeymoon Package60,000110,000
By Road Skardu private Tour Packages70,000120,000
By Road Skardu Corporate Tour Packages50,000100,000
Skardu Tour By Road Fixed Departures  for 202235,00035,000


Other Skardu Trip Costs and Packages

Other Than the by road and by road Skardu trips we also offer the following private Skardu tour packages for visitors all around the globe.

The cost is given per person and a minimum of two participants is required for a confirmed tour.


Skardu Tour PackageBy Air


By Road


 Deosai, Shangri-La Skardu tour Package  7 Days85,00045,000
Basho Valley & Skardu tour Package 5 Days65,00030,000
Deosai, Shigar & Skardu tour Package  – 7 Days85,00045,000
Manthoka, Khaplu & Skardu tour – 7 Days90,00060,000
Shigar, Khaplu & Skardu tour Package –  7 Days90,00060,000
Deosai, Basho Valley & Skardu tour Package –  8 Days80,00055,000
Astore, Deosai & Skardu tour Package –  7 Days70,00045,000
Hunza & Skardu Tour Package –  9 Days120,00080,000
Fairy Meadows  Skardu tour Package –  9 Days120,00080,000



All above Skardu trip costs are given for private tours and a minimum of 2  participants or people are required for a confirmed Tour.


Skardu Tour Packages Overview


We offer a vast variety of Skardu tour Packages for solo travelers and groups, our Skardu trip packages are specially designed for all domestic and foreign tourists. The Skardu tour has some unique highlights, including trekking, mountaineering, and four peaks over 8000m, which makes it a favorite attraction for tourists, hikers, and mountaineers from all around the world. If you are planning to visit Pakistan anytime, the Skardu tour is something that you should include on your bucket list.


Islamabad to Skardu via Road


Skardu tour starts from the Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. If you opt for a road trip, you will experience a rich culture with a beautiful landscape as the road spirals across some of the most beautiful valleys and small towns, which makes it a lifetime road trip experience for you. While going to Skardu via road, you can take the marvelous Karakoram Highway, traveling along Indus and surrounded by high rising mountains, taking up to 20 hours.


Islamabad to Skardu via Air


However, if you feel like you want to directly get to Skardu and skip the scenic views that you experience along the way, you can go to Skardu via air. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flies to Skardu daily, depending on the weather conditions.


The flight takes off from Islamabad Airport after crossing the Potohar and Haraza region it will fly above the Himalayan and Karakoram range to reach Skardu in the heart of Karakoram. Furthermore, if the weather is clear, you catch a glimpse of the Nanga Parbat, which is the 9th highest mountain in the world, and the K2, which is the 2nd highest mountain in the world. Skardu-Islamabad is one of the scenic routes in the world of aviation.


This was the only flight to reach Skardu before but today we can go to Skardu from Lahore and Karachi as well, as PIA has started operating Flights to Skardu from Lahore and Karachi on weekly basis.


How Skardu look like?


Baltistan valley is synonymously known as Skardu valley located in the extreme north of Pakistan along the border of China and India. Skardu is also known as Little Tibet because most of the inhabitants are descendants of the Tibetian cast. Skardu is the capital of all-mountain adventures in Pakistan. Skardu is the epitome of serenity, wilderness, and beauty. The mountain vistas, high rising peaks, Lakes, Rivers, and even high-altitude deserts made Skardu a dream place for tourists.


The logistics and roads to the big mountains of Karakoram; K2 / Chogori, Broad Peak, Mashabrm, Gasherbrum, and many other prominent peaks originate from Skardu. Skardu is an epicenter of the whole Baltistan region, a modern city with all immunities is the base and passage to all valleys including Shigar valley, Khaplu valley, Kharmang Valley, Basho Valley and Asotre valley via Deosai is from Skardu. In the outskirts of Skardu maximum one-hour drive or less, you can find many tourist attractions like Upper Kachura Lake, Lower Kachura Lake / Shangri La resort, Sadpara Lake, Buddha Rock, Katpana Cold Desert, Shigar Cold Desert, Nang Suk Organic Village, Indus River, Kharphocho fort and many more.


Skardu Tour at a Glance


Our Skardu tour package includes a detailed visit of each valley and tourist spot of the Baltistan region. We will start our tour from Islamabad via Karakoram highway to Chilas or Naran Kaghan to Chilas city. The very next day we will drive to Skardu from Chilas City. On our first day in Skardu, we will visit Upper Kachura Lake and Shangri la lakes and will go to Kharpocho fort and the organic Village. In the coming days, we have Khaplu valley the famous places in Khaplu are The Fort and Chaqchan Mosques, the valley is located at the bank of the Shyok river. Shigar Valley is also known as the adventure land of Pakistan because more than 90% of mountain adventure takes place in Shigar valley, four 8000m mountains are located in this valley. Prominent places to visit in Shigar are Blind Lake, Shigar Fort, Amburik Mosque, and Hashopi Garden, the cold desert is also on the way to Shigar valley.


The next Destination while the Skardu Trip will be Kharmang Valley the famous places include the Manthoka Waterfall and Khamosh waterfall, this valley is located on the bank of the Indus river which originates from India. Basho Valley is also included in our Skardu tour Package. This is a high-altitude meadow surrounded by mountains and glacier streams flowing through the pastures.


Deosai plain / Plateau is the main attraction during the Skardu tour. A plateau is an exotic place bestowed with the best views of nature. It is mostly surrounded by mountains, lush green grassland, water streams, and the Famous Sheosar Lake. Deosai plateau is the second highest plateau on the earth after the Tibetan plateau. Deosai Plains has an average elevation of 4,114 meters (13,497 ft.) above sea level, making them one of the highest plateaus in the world. The plateau encompasses an area of 3,000 square kilometers (1,200 sq. mi), and Sadpara Lake and village are on the way to Deosai Plain.


Our Skardu tour packages are tailor-made for foreign and domestic tourists who have an interest in a road trip or air trip to Skardu valley.  We provide tailor-made and customized Skardu Trips to both international and domestic clients. Most of the Scenic Himalayan and Karakoram ranges of Pakistan are covered in our Skardu Tour itinerary. Founded in Gilgit-Baltistan, we specialize in designing and executing all trips in Gilgit Baltistan. Our local guides and support staff provide a friendly host-guest environment during tours to Gilgit-Baltistan.


The itinerary of the Skardu tour packages given below is a standard itinerary made for a 10-day by-road Skardu tour package. If you are looking for a lesser day of more detailed Skardu Tour leave a message,  our tour advisors will help you out in making a customized itinerary according to your interests.


Skardu Tour Packages Itinerary

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Altitude : 1,265 m
Location : Chilas

On the first day of the Skardu tour, we begin our journey by road from Islamabad. The entire journey is 9 hours long via the Hazara Motorway and the total distance between the two cities is around 212 km, but we’ll have to cover around 367.5 km to reach there. Along the way, if we go over the Babusar top, then we can stop there and enjoy the scenic views. However, passing over the Babusar Top is highly dependent on the weather, as it is covered in snow during winters and the roads are closed off. In case this road is closed, we’ll have to go through Behsam which is a longer route but gets us to where we want to go.

Altitude : 2,228 m
Location : Skardu

The distance between Chilas and Skardu is 256.9 km and we will take the Karakoram Highway from Chilas. It will take approximately 6 hours and 18 minutes and that may vary depending on the weather and other such factors. However, if you plan to stay a night in Chilas then that, too, is possible but keep in mind that there isn’t much to do in Chilas other than the Indus River that flows through the city. For the most part, Chilas is a dry, rocky, mountainous, and rigid area with not a lot of sights. However, it does make for a wonderful one-night stay under the stars.

Altitude : 2,228 m
Location : Skardu

This is our first day in Skardu while Skardu tour. Once we reach Skardu, there are tons of activities that we can indulge in and we have listed some of them below:

Kharpocho Fort

Also known as the Skardu Fort, the fort was built by King Ali Sher Khan Anchan towards the end of the sixteenth century. Over the centuries, the fort has played a crucial role in numerous military campaigns from Rulers such as Maharaja Gulab Singh, Ranbir Singh, and even Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb tried to capture the fort but failed. The fort has always held strategic importance and that is why every emperor in the region tried to capture it at one point or another.

Organic Village

A unique little village in Baltistan, known as Organic Village Skardu, north of Skardu City, which is also known as Nangsoq. It is located only 3 km away from Skardu town. This beautiful little village is renowned for its pure flora and climate. Because of its purity, the organic village has a unique identity throughout Baltistan. The lifestyle and agriculture here are still old-fashioned. Here, the watermill is still in use

Shangrila Lake and Upper Kachura Lake

The twin lakes are one of the best places to visit during the Skardu tour. Shangri la also known as Lower Kachura Lake, the lake is renowned for its majestic views and supply of fishes. In addition to this, on the banks of the river, Shangrila Resort is located which was built back in 1983 on the sight of a plane crash. The hotel was named after the book titled Lost Horizon by James Hilton. While Upper Kacura late is 3km ahead of Shangri la lake.

Altitude : 2600 m
Location : Kharmang valley

The beautiful valley is located along the river of Indus river. Famous places are Manthoka waterfall and Khamosh waterfall and the Indus river.

Altitude : 2,601 m
Location : Khaplu Valley

On this day of the Skardu tour, we will drive to khaplu valley. Khaplu, which is a beautiful landscape with high peaks, flowing blue waters, and waterfalls, is the central location in the district. The people of this tiny settlement on the bank of the Shyok River are warm and loving, as they were centuries before, when travelers first arrived here, wandering through Yarkand and Saltoro. A narrow, paved road with poplar trees lined up on both sides provides the travelers with a soothing shade as they make their way through tiny specks of sunlight filtering through the leaves, casting shadows on the darkened road, leaving an aesthete spellbound as soon as one leaves Skardu.

Altitude : 2,230 m
Location : Shigar Valley

Watered by the Shigar River and located in the middle of Shigar town, the valley extends from Skardu to Askole and is approximately 170 km. Despite being isolated and remote, the valley houses multiple villages. On the far edge of the valley, is Askole, which is located significantly away from the mountains. In addition to this, the valley is a stream from the Indus River, which is located in close proximity to the town. The valley is famous among adventure seekers who come here for trekking, hiking, and mountaineering, despite the fact that the conditions are quite tough. Lastly, the valley is a pathway to the Karakoram mountains, which house the highest peak in the world which is K2. Places to visit while shigar tour is Shigar Fort, Shigar Polo Ground, Hashopi Garden, and the famous Cold Desert.

Altitude : 3500 to 5200 m
Location : Deosai

This is the ideal destination for adventure and nature lovers during the Skardu tour. The combination of the two words 'Deo' (giant) and 'Sai' is Deosai (shadow). It is thought that this place has been haunted by giants for centuries, so the name 'The Land of the Giants' came into being. The weather here is quite unpredictable, and sometimes it begins to snow in the summer. There seems to be sunlight and clouds playing hide and seek, with the sun shining for a minute, and overcast for the next. Due to the abundance of varied wildlife here, this area remained uncrossable for ages. Icy winds, thunderstorms, and the presence of wildlife make it impossible, even at this age, to dwell here, which is why Deosai is mostly uninhabited. For centuries, nomads from Kashmir have been passing through the Deosai plains with their herds, their path of choice.Deosai has a deafening silence, a silence that spans hundreds of years. The silence is so deep that, unless a marmot's whistle fills the valley, one can hear his own heartbeat. Deosai is situated on the border between the Karakoram and the western Himalayas, and it is not less than 4000 meters above sea level at any point. For 8 months, it will be covered with snow. It hosts a variety of beautiful flowers of all shades and colors for the rest of the year, but not a single tree is found on this plateau spread over 3000 sq. Deosai is included only during the summer season. Skardu tours excluding summer season, Deosai day is excluded. It is important to note that winter, autumn, or spring tour to Skardu does not include Deosai. Because as mentioned earlier it is covered with snow during most of the year except summer season.

Altitude : 2150 m
Location : Basho Valley

Basho Valley Skardu is located in Gilgit Baltistan, Roundu Divison of Skardu District. One of the favorite places to visit during the Skardu tour, Basho Valley with its extreme beauty, majestic snow-capped mountains, and primitive charm. Basho meadow is one of the splendid places to visit and camp. One of the most unique things about Basho Valley is that from the valley, you can view the world’s top two mountain ranges. In addition to this, there are many things to do here such as fishing and the wide variety of fruits that grow here such as apricot, grapes, apples, to name a few

Altitude : 1,265 m
Location : Chilas

Today we will conclude our Skardu tour and set out towards Chilas and get on our way back to Islamabad. We’ll most likely go through the same route that we took to get to Skardu, obviously, it all depends on the weather conditions. We’ll take the Karakoram Highway to get to Chilas. And from Chilas we go over the Babusar Top and come across Lulusar Lake, which is another lake that is known for its glimmering waters, which is surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Altitude : 540 m
Location : Islamabad

On the last day of the Skardu tour we leave for Islamabad from Chilas, we’ll take Karakoram highway or Naran Kaghan road to Mansehra and continue the journey on Hazara Motorway and Peshawar motorway and we’ll be back in Islamabad in approximately 8 hours.


Skardu Tour Packages Highlights

Skardu never fails to amaze the tourists, and here are some of the spectacular highlights of a Skardu tour that will portray the picture of what it is like to visit this nature’s marvel.


  • Naran Kaghan and Babusar Top: Naran and kaghan a high altitude seasonal pasture accessible only during summer with some exotic landscapes, Saif Ul Muluk lake lies on the way to Skardu. Babusar Top is the place from where we descend to the Karakoram highway, the view from the descending zigzag road of Babusar Top is amazing
  • Karakoram Highway: Karakoram highway is also classified by locals as one of the eighth wonders of the world it is also known as the old Silk Route which connects Pakistan with China at Khanjrab Pass.
  • Chilas: Chilas is the capital of Diamer District and is situated along the Indus River banks. Furthermore, the weather in Chilas is mostly hot and can get cold in the winters. The population of Chilas is around 214,000, and it can be reached by passing the Babusar Top from Kaghan Valley, which is another scenic spot.



Skardu town is the epitome of beauty, there are a lot of attractions to visit and things to do.



Tourist Attractions in Skardu Valley:


  • Kharpocho Fort: Kharpocho Fort was constructed by Ali Sher Khan Anchan, who ruled over the land in the 16th century. In addition to this, if you walk along the Indus River, you will find white sands, which is a fantastic sight to behold. This the best monument to discover the history of the region during the Skardu tour.
  • Sadpara Lake:  If you are more in the mood for fishing, then you can go about 5 miles North of Skardu and about a half an hour jeep ride, you’ll find yourself at Sadpara Lake. The lake is like something straight out of a fairytale because it is clear as crystal and is surrounded by mountains. You can take the boat ride to reach this lake while constantly in awe of its beauty.
  • Shangrila Lake and Upper Kachura Lake:     The famous two lakes are the main attraction of all Skardu tour packages About an hour from Skardu is located, Shangrila Lake and Upper Kachura Lake. The lakes are famous for brown trout, and if you find yourself at the lake in summer, you can also enjoy a wide variety of fruits such as apricots, peach, and apples. There is a wide variety of apples as well that you can enjoy in the summer. You can stay at the Shangrila resort for the best views for a better experience. Upper kachura lake is 10 minutes drive from Shangrila lake. The lake is located at a mountain basin surrounded by gigantic rocks.
  • Buddha Rock Carvings: If you head on Skardu-Sadpara road across Sadpara Nallah, you’ll find a huge carving of Buddha, which dates back to the 8th Century AD. Pre-historic men and figures on animals are carved on the rocks.
  • Basho Valley: Basho valley is a must-go destination that most visiter opted to include in their skardu tour package. Basho valley Skardu is a pastureland home to the Basho meadow, Basho waterfall, and chocolate rock. This place is one of the astonishing locations with green pastures with running water streams, encircled by snowy peaks.
  • Deosai: This is the best destination for adventure and nature lovers during the Skardu tour. The Sheosar lake, kala pani river, Shatong river, and the flora and fauna especially brown bears, marmot, and wildflowers are the particular things to see and visit in Deosai.
  • Sheosar Lake and Kala Pani: Sheosar Lake is also one of the high-altitude lakes of Pakistan. The lake is in a heart shape but the weather at Sheosar lake is unpredictable, Kala Pani is one of the rivers in Deosai known for trout fishing and camping along the banks.
  • Nansoq Organic Village: Nangsoq is a small organic village behind Kharpocho hill just half an hour hike from Skardu. It is the best place to see the ancient living style of the people of the Baltistan region during the Skardu trip.


Shigar Valley

Shigar Valley is another must-go tour destination on your Skardu trip.  Shigar valley is the corridor that will help you navigate between the Karakoram, Gasherbrum, and the K2. Shigar is situated only 23 km away from Skardu. In addition to this, when driving in the valley, you’ll continuously come across wheat, maize, and barley. The mosque that you will find in the middle of the valley was built by Kashmiris a couple of centuries ago.

Following Monuments are Located in Shigar Valley:


  • Shigar Fort: The old fort of the king of Shigar is one of the best places to visit while Skardu tour. The fort is built on a rock (Phong Khar is the Balti name of the fort here “fong”  stands for a big rock and “ Khar ” means palace or Fort).
  • Shigar Polo Ground: Polo is the famous sport in the region. Shigar Polo ground is the largest polo ground in Gilgit Baltistan. You can have a chance to watch polo matches during the Skardu tour if you are there on a festive occasion.
  • Hashopi Garden: Hahopi garden is a 30 minutes drive from Shigar town. It is a flower and apple orchard along the Shigar river.
  • Amburik Masque: It is one of the oldest mosques in the Baltistan region. The mosque was built  750 years back by Sayed Ali Hamdani and is among the famous landmarks in Baltistan.


Khaplu Valley

The vibrant Khaplu valley is known for its picturesque beauty and hospitality. Many known peaks and tourist destinations are located here.

The following monuments are located in Khaplu valley:


  • Khaplu Fort: khaplu Fort is also known as “ Yebgo Khar” is one of the monumental buildings of Tibetian architecture.
  • Shyok River: Many rivers are met to make the Shyok river. The river flows along the terrain of the valley.
  • Chaqchan Mosque: The Chaqchan Mosque is one of the oldest mosques of the region built in 1370 at the time when the majority of people were accepting Islam from Buddhism.


Kharmang Valley

One of the five main valleys of the Baltistan region is located at the bank of the mighty Indus River.  This day of the Skardu tour will be spent visiting waterfalls.

Places to visit in Kharmang:


  • Kahomosh Waterfall: located at a distance of 60km from Skardu it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region.
  • Manthoka Waterfall: This waterfall is approximately 180 feet high from the ground and is located almost 80 kilometers away from Skardu Town.


Services Included For Skardu Tour Packages

  • Food (Breakfast and Dinner as mentioned in the itinerary)
  • Camps, Mattresses, Sleeping Bag in case of Camping
  • Hotel Accommodations (Twin Sharing) at the best Hotels with all Amenities  ( Concordia Motel, Mashbrum Hotel, Snowland Hotel Baltistan Resort, or any equivalent property )
  • Transport : Tz Prado, Land Cruiser or Gli/Xli Cars
  • Services of a Guide if necessary
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Toll Taxes
  • All-Inclusive and Hybrid Skardu Tour Packages
  • Chogori Adventure the leading No.1 Native tour company of Skardu
  • By road or By air Skardu tour Packages

Note: we also provide customized services to individuals, groups, and families.

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