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Find and Scale the high rising mountains in Karakoram, Himalaya or Hindukush Ranges of north Pakistan, from sky kissing K2 to a 6000m peak of your choice.

Khosar Gang Expedition

Khosar Gang Expedition (6000m) provide the panoramic view of Karakoram mountains and Shigar valley from the summit. you can view Spantik 7027m, Nanga Parbat 8000m, and hundreds of above 5000m peaks around…..

:Northern Areas Pakistan

:7 Days

Koyo Zom Expedition

Koyo Zom Base Camp is quite exciting. Participants will trek through the Hindu Raj Mountains of Pakistan. The region is bestowed with immense beauty of nature, the spectacular high rising mountain, glaciers, streams, rivers……

:Northern Areas

:33 days

Spantik Expedition

Spantik Peak (7027) isĀ  known as the training station for 8000 m peaks in the mountaineering world due to its relatively low difficulty and easy climbing conditions.It is one of the low-cost expeditions in Karakoram range…..

:Northern Areas Pakistan

:28 Days