K2 Gondogoro La Trek -20 Days

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Max Altitude5,585m
Total Trek Distance130 Km
Min Temperature (c)-16
Hiking Hours6-10h /day
Camping Days13-15
Hotel Stays5-7 nights
Group Size 4-12 Person


k2 Gondogoro La Trek 2024

(All-Inclusive – 20 Days)   


K2 Gondogoro La Trek AKA K2 base camp and Gondogoro la Pass Trek is one of the most challenging as well rewarding treks on the earth. Gondogoro Pass/La Trek is an exceptional and ambitious trekking holiday in the heart of the Karakoram range, one needs enough stamina, endurance and somehow climbing skills to cross the pass. We will follow the same route along the Baltoro glacier till Concordia and k2 base camp then crosses the Gondogoro Pass 5600m into the Hushe Valley. Gondogoro La trek is a great extension in k2 trekking, the trekking starts from Paju camp, Shigar Valley, after k2 base camp we will cross a mountain pass (Gondogoro Pass / Gondogoro La) into another valley of mountains rather than returning via the same route to Askoli as we do in k2 base camp trek.



Other K2 Gondogoro La Trek Packages and Costs


Other than the 20 Days All-Inclusive k2 Gondogoro La Trek, we offer the following k2 trek holiday packages for individuals and groups all around the world.


K2 Trek Holidays Cost USDCost Euro
K2 Gondogoro La Trek-20 days (All-Inclusive)$2,250€2,200
K2  and Gondogoro La Trek-14 days (Trek only)$1,800€1,800
K2 Trek for Beginners / Seniors24 days$2,700€2,650
K2 Base Camp Trek20 days (All-Inclusive)$2,150€2,100
K2 Base Camp Trek14 days (Trek only)$1,700€1,700
K2 and Gasherbrum Base Camp Trek23 days$2,500€2,450
K2 Base Camp and Deosai Tour-22 days$2,200€2,150
K2 Trek & Khosar Gang Expedition28 days$3,700€3,650
K2 Base camp and Pastore Peak Climb-25 days$3,700€3,650
Snow Lake Hisper La Trek  (20-Days)$2,800€2,700



K2 Gondogoro La Route Map With Distance Breakdown



k2 gondogora la map


Our k2 Gondogoro La Trek registration is open. We organize K2 Gondogoro la Trek according to the best needs of our clients.  Our classic package for Gondogoro la trek includes a 20-days itinerary and 15 guaranteed fix departures each year. Our fixed departure dates are given below, as well we customize Gondogoro La Trek for our clients accordingly. We are the indigenous people of the Karakoram and all of our staff are professionally trained locals, who can never fall short of your expectations. Reserve your spot with a $350 advance deposit prior to the Gondogoro la pass trekking.


K2 Gondogoro La Trek Cost


Trekkers can join one of our k2 Gondogoro La Trek fixed departures with a fixed price of $2,250 per person. Our fixed departures are mostly confirmed and everything mentioned in the services included will be provided at a fixed cost that is USD 2,550. Our k2 Gondogoro La Trek Fixed Departures and details are given below in the table. Scroll down to the fixed departures and costs to join one of our Gondogoro pass treks.


We also customize gondogoro la trek for our clients, If you are looking for a private trek to k2 base camp and gondogoro la, our cost details for private gondogoro pass treks are given below.


Solo2 to 4 person4 to 8 person8 to 20 person

Cost for Pakistani Trekkers


K2 Gondogoro la trek cost for Pakistani nationals are in the following table, starting from 370,000 PKR. Pakistanis mostly undertake their Gondogoro la trekking from Skardu and will Conclude in Skardu.

If you are looking for a private trek to k2 base camp and gondogoro la, our cost details for private gondogoro pass treks are given below.


Solo2 to 4 persons4 to 8 persons8 to 20 person
700,000 PKR500,000 PKR470,000 PKR370,000 PKR



K2 Gondogoro La Trek Departures And Costs

18-June 07-july $2,250 Available Book Now
26-June 15-july $2,250 Guaranteed Book Now
05- July 24-July $2,250 Limited Seats Book Now
12- July 31-July $2,250 Guaranteed Book Now
20- July 08-August $2,250 Limited Seats Book Now
27-July 15-August $2,250 Available Book Now
05-August 24-August $2,250 Limited Seats Book Now
12-August 31- August $2,250 Available Book Now
20-August 08-September $2,250 Limited Seats Book Now
27-August 15-September $2,250 Available Book Now
05-September 24-September $2450 Limited Seats Book Now
12-September 01-October $2450 Guaranteed Book Now
20-September 09-October $2450 Guaranteed Book Now
27-September 16-October $2450 Guaranteed Book Now


K2 Gondogoro La Trek Itinerary

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Altitude : 540m
Location : Islamabad

This is the first day of trekkers in Pakistan. Upon arrival one of our staff will pick up the guest from Islamabad Airport and escort them to the hotel. You can spot our staff holding our company card or logo at Islamabad Airport. You are bound to provide flight details 3 to 4 days before arrival. Our staff will pick you up and transfer to a partner hotel in Islamabad close to Margalla hills. At the hotel, after relax and rest clients are bound to pay their dues upon late arrival payment of dues and briefing will be conducted in Skardu.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Room on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 2,230m
Location : Skardu

On this day of k2 Gondogoro la trek, we will fly to Skardu in the morning. Skardu is the logistic hub of the expeditions and trekking’s in the Karakoram range. The flight from Islamabad to Skardu will provide spectacular views of the Himalaya and Karakoram mountains and we should be able to see Nanga Parbat towering among other peaks.

Upon arrival in Skardu, one of our staff will be waiting at Skardu Airport and will escort the clients to the partner hotel. Upon early arrival, we would have enough time to rest and pay a visit to the local Bazar and the outskirts of Skardu city.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Room on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 2.230m
Location : Skardu

Skardu is a mountainous town along the Indus river, surrounded by mountains. After breakfast, we will go on an acclimatization hike to the kharpocho and old castle some hundred meters hike from Skardu Bazars. The fort provides a breathtaking view of the Indus river, Skardu, and its Surroundings. While the afternoon you can check out your trekking kit or need to buy something you can go to Bazar for shopping or sightseeing. To cross Gondogoro la crampons is a must so you need to arrange to one from Skardu you can ask us for arrangement if do not have one. During the whole activity, our guide will facilitate you.

while our office staff at Skardu will do our paperwork that mostly cleared in a day but unfortunately more than a day in most cases.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Room on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 3,950m
Location : Askoli / Paju

We will drive to Askoli Village with our crew and supplies. It's a 5-7-hour jeep drive from Skardu to Askoli. After half hour drive from Skardu, we will reach the Shigar valley which hosts the second-highest peak on the planet. We will go through the lush green fields of Shigar valley along the Shigar river and the valley is narrowed as we further proceed to the mountains. The narrow track will lead us to Aksoli driving along to the Braldu River. Our porters will join us from Askoli or at Paju camp. This is the last village before K2 Gondogoro la trek. Before 2020 this was the last place from where we start our Gondogoro la trek but due to the recently built road, we can still go few more stages by jeep.

In past, we used to embark upon our k2 Gondogoro la trek from Askoli Village. But due to recently built road track to Paju camp has enabled the trekking participants to access Paju camp by jeep. After an hour's drive, we will reach Korofon camp where we will take some rest. This place is the junction of the Biafo Glacier and Baltoro River. Snow lake and Hisper la trek are taken via this Glacier on our left. We will resume our drive to Jhula camp. In case of late arrival, we will take launch at Jhula camp otherwise will move to Paju camp or any other suitable campsite for lunch. A notable peak to see is Bakhordas peak facing Jhula Camp. Bakhoradas is the first peak to be seen while k2 Gondogoro la trek. After two hours or less drive along the bank of Baltoro River crossing trails and streams, we will be on our destination, we will camp overnight at Paju camp.

Our staff establishes tents and the participants will be served a hot cup of tea with cookies and snacks. We will take dinner in our mess tent and camp overnight in a fully serviced campsite.

Altitude : 3,666m
Location : Paju camp

If we are on Paju on the first day we will take a rest day here and if we are here on day 5. And if we are late this day is used to travel to Paju from Askoli. In case of the rest day, we have enough time to take a bath, washing cloth, and acclimatize our bodies. While porters are issued their rations and they baked and plan for their rest of the trek on Baltoro Glacier. Most of the trekkers go to Trango viewpoint to get a glimpse of Famous Trango Towers that is just a 20 to half an hour hike away from the camp. And the whole night is spent while dancing and partying in local style and trekkers are always welcome to join.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Room on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 3,800m
Location : khobusre

On this day of k2 Gondogoro la Trek, we will start our trekking on the 65km Baltoro Glacier and it will follow us till Concordia where it confluence with Godwin Austin Glacier. After half an hour trek from Paju camp, we will be at the snout of Baltoro Glacier. This is where you can see Trango Towers. Uli Baiho and Paju Peak. The trek will take on the high and downs of the Baltoro glacier from here ahead. It is suggested that to be careful while trekking, let the horses and donkeys go if they are crossing your way. 4 to 5 hours trek will take us to Liligo, where we will take our lunch in front of Trango towers. The walk will continue to the Khoburse camp along the right edge of Baltoro Glacier and camp overnight there.

  • Accommodation: tents on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 3,950m
Location : Urdukas

After early wake up and getting breakfast we will start our trek to Urdukas Camp over the rough terrain of Baltoro Glacier. This is the last camp before glacial camps on Baltoro Glacier during Gondogoro la trek and the shortest day. The camp is located at a higher location above Baltoro Glacier and provides the best view of the Granite spire (Trango, Uli Biaho, and Cathedrals). This is the second scenic camp during Gondogoro la trek after Concordia camp. Good weather also provides a glimpse of Gasherbrum 4 as well from Urdukas Camp.

  • Accommodation: tents on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 4,300m
Location : Goro II

On this day of the k2 Gondogoro la trek, participants trek in the middle of Baltoro Glacier through the rough moraines. Masherbrum peak is visible on the right side and Muztagh on the left. This day we get the first distant sight of Gasherbrum’s and Broad Peak. 3-4 hours’ trek on the glacier we will take our lunch and rest for a while at Goro 1. After lunch, we will resume the trek and it will take 3-4 hours to Goro 2 and Camp overnight in front of Masherbrum. Goro 2 is a windy and cold campsite this is our first camping at Baltoro Glacier. It is the junction of Baltoro Glacier and Younghusband. Looking back to Baltoro Glacier the views of the collection of peaks are mesmerizing.

  • Accommodation: tents on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 4,691m
Location : Concordia

A very special day of k2 Gondogoro la trek passing through panoramic scenery of spectacular mountains to Concordia and k2 visible if weather permits. Concordia no doubt is one of the best campsites on the planet, also known as the “throne room of mountains gods”. Surrounded by sky kissing giant peaks as Marble peak, K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum 3, Mitre peak, Baltoro Kangri, Sia Kangri, and Chogolisa. Concordia is the junction of Baltoro, Godwin Austin, Gasherbrum, and Vigne Glaciers. After a 5-6 hours’ trek on the Baltoro glacier from Goro 2, we will reach Concordia. Very few people are fortunate enough to experience this wilderness. The camp is cold and even snowfall many times and overnight camping in a completed wilderness.

  • Accommodation: tents on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 5,100m
Location : Broad Peak Base Camp and K2 Base Camp

This day we have a flexible schedule this day, most of the trekkers want a closer look at k2 and want to visit Gilkey Memorial while most prefer to hike to Broad Peak Base camp and back to Concordia on the same day and some just want to stay at Concordia to enjoy the 360-degree view of mountains around. We have a whole day to fully absorb the wilderness of the “Throne Room of Mountain Gods”. Trekkers would choose the option they prefer.

Those trekkers who want to go to Broad Peak Base Camp and K2 Base camp (Gilkey Memorial) will rise early in the morning. We start our trek towards Broad peak base camp crossing the Glacial streams flowing through the junction of Glaciers very next to the Concordia camp. This part of the glacier between Concordia and K2 Base Camp is rough and technical due to the melting down of the glaciers and the rest is smooth plain track till Broad Peak Base Camp. It will take almost three hours to reach Broad Peak Base camp, where we will take our lunch and resume the trek for two more hours till k2 base camp through Godwin Austin Glacier mostly white glacier. K2 Base Camp elevation/height estimated as 4998m (16,400 ′) almost five thousand meters above sea level. At k2 Base Camp, Gilkey Memorial is a 10-15 minutes’ hike on the mountain. We can find the memories of legends who lost their lives while scaling mountains in the Karakoram. We would have chances of meeting with climbers at Broad Peak and K2 Base Camp only when we are there during July and August. After paying homage to the legends at Gilkey Memorial we will start the trek back to Concordia via the same route and overnight camp at Concordia.

And those who want to return via the same route return to Gorro 2 and the rest who are ready for Gondogoro la will set out towards Ali camp the next day.

  • Accommodation: tents on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 4,691m
Location : Concordia

Gondogoro la is contingent on the weather situation. It is risky to cross the Gondogoro pass on a snowy day so it is a rest day in case of unfavorable weather.

Altitude : 5,000m
Location : Ali Camp

On this day of k2 Gondogoro la trek, we will start our journey towards Ali Camp via upper Baltoro Glacier. After crossing Mitre peak we will be on Vigne glacier, it is a crispy white glacier very easy to walk on the surface of the glacier. There are many small crevasses on the glacier so it is recommended to walk along with our guide or any other staff member and use crampons in case of fresh snow on the glacier. We will camp at Ali Camp (named after a local porter who discovered Gondogoro Pass). It will take around 5 to 6 hours from Concordia to Ali Camp.

  • Accommodation: tents on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 5,585m
Location : Gondogoro La

This is the critical day of k2 Gondogoro la trek. The pass needs to be cross before the sunrise because there are chances of rock falling whiling descending the top. The descending part is mostly rocky glacier so we need to do this before the sun warms the glacier surface. We will wake up before dawn or even midnight, after having a good breakfast we will start our trek to Gondogoro la pass with a rescue member and our support staff. Rescue people are already there we pay them and they watch the ropes on the Gondogoro Pass and assist us crossing the top. We will continue our trek on the west Vigne glacier until Gondogoro la Base. On Gondogoro la base we will put on our harnesses and crampons, and start climbing slowly, our support crew will accompany us during the whole process. It normally takes 3 hours to reach the top of Gondogoro la. We will be on the top at dawn the four 8000m peaks (k2, Broad Peak, G1, and G2) and the whole Baltoro region is just in front of you whole on the other site the ravishing Laila peak and Gondogoro valley will catch your imagination.

Participants need to extra vigilant and must watch every step while descending the top. The fixed ropes are used while descending Gondogoro la into Hushe valley. During early summer this part has snow so keep your crampons on if there is snow while after mid-summer it is mostly rocky so try to trek down without crampons. Our support crew is there always our guide will lead you from the front. Upon descending the pass, the trail becomes essay and straightforward till Khuspang Camp. We will camp at Khuspang camp (4600m) overnight in front of Laila peak.

  • Accommodation: tents on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 3,350m
Location : Saicho Valley

Today we will resume the trek back to Saicho camp. We start trekking on the Gondogoro glacier for an hour till Dalchanhpa. We will come across Masherbrum while this section of the trek. After lunch at Dalchangpa. We will resume trek to Saicho Camp through the pasture of Gondogoro and will camp at Siacho overnight. Siacho has comparatively better weather so we can wash and take a shower over there. It will be a trek of 5-6 hours today.

Altitude : 3,048m
Location : Hushe Village

On this Day of k2 Gondogoro la trek, we will be back to civilization. we will resume the trek back to Hushe Valley. The last village of Ghanche District is known for its hospitality. It will take up to 5 hours to reach Hushe Village we can stay overnight at Hushe or travel to Skardu on the same day.

  • Accommodation: tents on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 2,230m
Location : Skardu

Today our jeeps will take us back to Skardu city. At Skardu, it is time to wash, shopping, and excursion and the K2 Gondogoro la trek is concluded.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Rooms on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 2,230m
Location : Skardu

This day is to compensate for delays in trekking. If you are according to the schedule of K2 Gondogoro la trek, then It is a free day you can enjoy your day at the hotel or visiting the local Bazar or we can arrange a short trip to a lake known as Kachura Lake in the outskirts of Skardu. A farewell Dinner will be held at a Good Restaurant at Skardu in honor of our guests. Guests are welcome to share their experience and recommendation about the trekking and services.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Rooms on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 540m
Location : Islamabad

Today we will fly back to the capital city of Pakistan Islamabad vie PIA flight.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Rooms on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

Altitude : 540m
Location : Islamabad

This day is reserved in case of flight cancellation to drive to Islamabad from Skardu. It will take almost 20 hours to drive from Skardu to Islamabad via Karakoram Highway or Naran Kaghan. In the case of a flight from Skardu to Islamabad, it is a free day in Islamabad. Where you can go to the old Rawalpindi City or Islamabad, shopping Bazars or Historical monuments.

  • Accommodation: Hotel Rooms on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included,

This is the last day of the K2 Gondogoro La Trek; our staff will transfer the trek participants to Islamabad Internal airport to say goodbye.


K2 Gondogoro La Trek Highlights

  • K2 Base Camp, Gilkey Memorial, and Broad Peak Base Camp,
  • A night camping at Concordia “the throne room of mountain gods”
  • 360-degree of Mountains at Concordia
  • Get up a close look at Gasherbrum, Marble Peak, Chogolisa, Baltoro Kangri, Sia Kangri, and Mitre Peak as well as hiding spurs of Gasherbrum 1 and 2 From Concordia
  • Close views of Muztagh and Masherbrum and Urdukas Peak from the Upper part of Baltoro Glacier
  • Close views of Cathedrals, Uli Biaho, Paju Peak, and Trango Tower from the lower Part of Baltoro Glacier
  • Trekking on Baltoro Glacier and Godwin Austin Glacier
  • Aerial view of k2, broad peak, Gasherbrum 1, Gasherbrum 2, Laila Peak, and many more
  • An Expedition style trekking
  • Vigne Glacier, Gondogoro Glacier
  • Gondogoro La / Gondogoro Pass 5600m
  • Gondogoro Peak
  • The stunning Laila Peak
  • Chogolisa Peak, Masherbrum peak from both sides
  • Amin Brak
  • Hushe Valley and its lifestyle
  • Views of Glaciers (e.g. Biafo, Vigne, Liligo, Dunge, Muztagh, Yermanendu, Mandu, and more).
  • glacial lakes, waterfalls, and streams
  • Many other peaks of above 5000 m peaks in Baltistan Valley
  • Balti Porter’s life and culture
  • Shigar Valley, Braldu Valley, and Skardu Valley
  • Khaplu Valley and Shyok River
  • Beautiful Pro-Tibetan culture and heritage of Balti people
  • Indus River, Shigar River, and Braldu River
  • A scenic flight over the Himalayas and Karakorum
  • The Karakoram Highway in case of Flight Cancellation
  • Delicious food of Pakistan
  • Sightseeing in Islamabad or Rawalpindi.
  • Chogori Adventure is the pioneer of Gondogoro la pass trek 
  • Chogori Adventure is the host of Karakoram
  • Our well trained and professional staff  with huge experience of mountains make us the leading Native Trekking company of Karakoram range


Services Included For K2 Gondogoro La Trek

  • Implementation of all Covid SOPs
  • All domestic transportation Flight, Jeep, and Car
  • All accommodation during hotel stays on twin sharing basis
  • All accommodation during trekking days on twin sharing
  • Separate Room or Tent for Single Women Participant
  • Professional Guide and Supporting staff
  • Professional cooking staff and assistants
  • Best Porters team (Porter for personal luggage of 15kg)
  • All meals according to the itinerary
  • Trekking permit fee, Waste management fee, and toll and bridge charges
  • Satellite Phone for emergencies
  • Boiled water, snacks, cookies, and dry fruits every day during the trek
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Mess Tents, sleeping tents, toilet, and shower tents


K2 Base camp and  Gondogoro la pass trek is a long-duration trek in the wilderness of Karakorum mountains away from human settlements. So everything should pack up according to the conditions. Here is our recommended list of equipment and clothing for your k2 Gondogoro la trek


  • First Aid Kit with necessary medicines
  • Crampons, Ice Axe, Jumar, Helmet and harness
  • Waterproof Hiking Backpack (30-46 Liters)
  • Head Torch with extra batteries
  • Sleeping Bag (-12 or above Recommended)
  • Sunglasses / Snow Glasses
  • Water bottle
  • Sunblock, Lip Balms, and Sanitizer
  • Gloves (Normal and Thermal)
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Scandals
  • Buff or Scarf or Bandanas
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Warm jacket
  • T-shirts / Shirt full sleeves recommended for trekking days
  • Warm cap and Sun Hat
  • Trekking poles
  • Underwear thermal for upper and lower body
  • Socks, Penknife
  • Travel Clothing
  • Lightweight travel Towel

Gondogoro La /  Gondogoro pass is a 5585m high mountain pass in the heart of Karakoram 25km south of the world’s second-highest peak Chogori / K2. Gondogoro La connects the Gondogoro Glacier to the Vigne glacier. “LA” in the Balti language stands for high mountain pass and peaks.

The Gondogoro La pass was discovered and crossed in 1986 by a local explorer connecting Concordia to the Hushe Valley. Since then thousands of trekkers and climbers are approaching the pass from the northeast / Concordia Side.


Gondogoro la is a great addition to k2 trekking. Gondogoro La is the border between two valleys of the Baltistan region. Trekkers walk to Concordia and Ali camp in Shigar valley and cross the Gondogoro la into Hushe Valley or Gangche. Gondogoro La is a technical pass that needs somehow knowledge of climbing.  The pass on the northeast (Baltoro Region) is a longer 55-degree slope mostly covered by snow and technical or steeper sections have fixed rope. While the descent is a 45-degree slope but riskier due to mudslides and rock falling.


The best part of the Gondogoro La trek is the view of mountain panoramas from the top, the 360-degree view of the spellbinding beauty of peaks has no match in the world.

Gondogoro La Crossing :


Form Concordia we have two options either return via the same route or cross a technical mountain pass “Gondogoro La / Gondogoro Pass 5,585m” into Hushe Valley.


Those who are willing to cross Gondogoro La, trek towards Ali camp through Vigne Glacier and camp overnight al Ali Camp the last camp before Gondogoro La. This is the critical day during the K2 Gondogoro La trek, as we have to start trekking around midnight to cross Gondogoro Pass so that we can cross the stone falling part of Gondogoro Pass before sunrise.  Early morning trekkers will be on the Top of Gondogoro La at altitude 5600m.


The 360-degree view of the Karakoram is spectacular from Gondogoro la top, the view of all four 8000m Peaks (K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum 1 and 2) and many other peaks are eye-catching, to the north the mesmerizing view of Laila Peak 6096m and Hushe Valley provides one of the best scenes in the world. Participants will reach Khuspang camp before 9 am, rest, and overnight camp in front of Laila Peak. Next day trek to Siacho Camp after overnight stay trek to Hushe Village. Our K2 Gondogoro La trek concludes in Hushe Village, and we will drive to Skardu, it will take around 5 hours to reach Skardu via jeep.


The trek starts from Skardu, then to Shigar valley until Ali camp and cross the Gondogoro pass into Hushe valley and back to Skardu city in a circular way that is why it is also known as K2 Gondogoro La Circuit.

Crossing Gondogoro la is a difficult and challenging task for most trekkers. The ascent is moderate at the beginning and got steeper as we proceed towards the top. The ascent is mostly on the snowy surface with glaciers underneath. There could be small crevasses on the way up but there will be fixed ropes on the difficult sections. The ascent is steeper and straightforward to the Gondogoro la Top 5,585m. The descent is the most difficult part of the Gondogoro la trek.


There will be snow during the early season ( June and July) but in August the snowmelt and the slope get rocky. So it is harder to move down along a slippery loose rocky scree. the objective danger is high while the descent because there are the chances of rockfall and mudslides. Most sections during the descent have fixed ropes for support. In sum, the ascent is somehow steeper but the real difficulty of Gondogoro La is the descent because there are significant risks of rockfall and mudslides.


Chogori staff and rescue team has a proven track of successful Gondogoro la summits. Our staff and rescue team will always accompany and assist the participant during the whole expedition of Gondogoro La.

Gondogoro la trek is no doubt a technical mountain pass and requires technical mountaineering skills but this is not the ultimate option. There are also significant risks such as rockfall and mudslides. Technical mountaineering skills are a plus factor while crossing the Gondogoro la. If you know how to wear crampons, harnesses, and the use of jumar and ice axe it is a way straightforward recipe for you. Crampons and ice axe are mostly used while the ascent from the Concordia side.


The thing that matter is the stamina and positive state of mind. Mostly said it does not require climbing skills and it is true to some extent. The descent is the most difficult part of the Gongoro la trek. The 45-degree angled slope has fixed ropes but is still trickier for many. The use of harness and jumar is the key for this part. Participants have to slightly walk down the slope with the support of the fixed ropes to the high camp and the rest is a normal walk to reach Khuspang camp for overnight stay. One has to be careful not to kick or knock rocks down to the trekkers in the queue.


I have been crossing the Gondogro pass since 2011, and most of my clients had not even a little knowledge of mountaineering. We helped them to put on the gears and assist them throughout the expedition and they have done the Gondogoro la with no trouble.


So the most important thing to consider for the  Gondogoro La crossing is a fit body and positive state of mind not technical knowledge of climbing. It is a plus point but not the ultimate requirement for the Gondogoro Pass.

You are suitable for the trek if you are physically fit and have done strenuous treks in Nepal or Pakistan before ( K2 trek or Everest or Annapurna base camp trek ) or any other equivalent trek anywhere in the world. A high level of fitness is necessary for the Gondogoro Pass. It is a better suggestion to learn some basic mountaineering before the Gondogoro la trek.

To some extent, it is riskier. The ascent is steep with crevasses on the way to the top. So it is always better to stay closer and accompany a staff or rescue member. And the descent is too tricky and more chances of objective danger due to the risk of rockfall and mudslides and the slippery gravel surface.

We cross the Gondogoro la at the midnight along with the support staff and rescue team. We will be on the top before the first rays of sunlight (Dawn) after a 20-minute break for rest and photography we will start the descent before the sun warm the surface, this means the rocks on the slopes are still frozen and there will be no chances of stone fall and we will reach the Khuspang camp before the sun warms the glacier slope on the Gondogoro La. After descending the pass you will find a straight trail to Khuspang camp.

In a word, yes! first of all, it will give you a chance of experiencing climbing in the Karakoram range. The views from the top are amazing! The whole central Karakoram peaks are in front of you from the top of Gondogoro la. The four 8000m; K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I & II, and many peaks of above 7000m like Chogolisa, Baltoro Kangri, Gasherbrum 4, Mitre peak all are on the Baltoro side and the Spellbinding Laila peak and Gondogoro Valley on the other side.

K 2 and Gondogoro La Trek distance is 130 kilometers starting from Jhola camp and ending in Huse Village, which involves daily trekking of 6-10 hours on average.


K2 Gondogoro la pass trek Complete distance breakdown is below.

  • Islamabad to Skardu 640 kilometers
  • Skardu to Jhula 146 Kilometers
  • Jhula to K2 Base camp 70 Kilometers
  • K2 Base Camp to Hushe 58km


Jhula to Paju

Daily Distance: 20.5 km,

Trek Time: 7-8h


Altitude Gain 450

Max Altitude: 3,666


Paju camp to Khoburse camp

Trekking distance: 14.7 km.

Trek Time: 5-6 h


Elevation Gain 140m

Max Elevation: 3,800m


Khoburse to Urdukas

Trekking distance: 6.2 km.

Trek Time: 4-5h


Altitude Gain: 200 m

Max  Altitude :4,000m


Urdukas to Goro II

Distance: 12.2 km.

Trekking Time: 7-8 hours.


Altitude Gain 300

Max Altitude: 4,300m


Goro to Concordia

Trekking distance: 11.8 km.

Trekking Time: 4-5 hours.


Altitude Gain  391m

Max Altitude: 4,691m


Concordia to K2 Base Camp

Trekking distance: 11.8 km.

Trekking Time: 4-6 hours.


Altitude Gain:429m

Max Altitude: 5,100m


Trek Back to Concordia

Trekking distance: 11.8 km.

Trekking Time: 4-6 hours.


Altitude Loss: 429m

Max Altitude: 4,691m


Trek to Ali Camp

Trekking distance: 12.1 km.

Trekking Time: 5-7 hours.


Elevation Gain   309m

Max Elevation: 5,000m


Ali Camp to Gondogoro La crossing and Khuspang Camp

Trekking Distance: 8.1 km

Trekking Time: 9-12 hours.


Elevation Gain/ Loss: 585m   / 900m

Max Elevation (Pass): 5,585m

Camping at: 4,680m


Khuspang to Saicho

Trekking distance: 18 km.

Trekking Time: 6-10 hours.


Elevation Loss: 1,350

Camp Elevation: 3,350m.


Saicho to Hushe

Trekking distance: 7.2km

Trekking Time: 3-4 hours.


Elevation Loss: 300m

Camp Elevation: 3,048m




As mentioned before k2 and Gondogoro La Trek is an expedition-style trek away from human settlements.  Trek to k2 base camp and Gondogoro Pass is a serious challenge and needs proper preparation. We want only hikers and trekkers to join the groups this trip is not for tourists. With forward planning and the right attitude to training, however, you stand the best possible chance of successfully and safely reaching the base of k2 mountain and crossing the Gondogoro La.


Training for K2 gondogoro la hike should include improving cardio, endurance, strength, fitness, and being comfortable carrying a daypack uphill for long periods at a time. Hike, workouts, Hike with a backpack, and nutrition are some of the key elements in the preparation for Gondogoro la trek. Having Some knowledge of mountaineering is an additional edge for Gondogoro la trek.


Hike: The proven way to prepare for k2 base camp and Gondogoro la pass, go get out, and hike on local trails. Start with minimal distance and gradually go for long-distance. A hilly or high-altitude location is ideal for training. Hike with lighter weights at the start and gradually increase it to 12-15Kgs. It will help in building endurance and strength.

As you have to carry your own backpack on k2 base camp trek so preparation with weight or backpack is highly recommended.


Workout: Do start gym workout, aerobic and lightweight training is highly recommended.

Nutritoin: Nutirion cannot be ignore. A well-balanced diet is the key to maintain a good level of health.

Pacing: Increase the training intensity and duration for the first 2 to 3 months and tempered off a week before departure.

Climbing  Knowledge: Do learn some basics of mountaineering as you know crossing the Gondogoro Pass at 5,600m is equivalent to a climbing expedition.

Deposit and Payments

Deposit and payment details are given below for k2 base camp


1: Deposit Schedule

The deposit schedule for the k2 trek is as follow in USD or Equivalent in your Local Currency.

A year Before departure         100 USD

6 Months before Departure   150 USD

5 Months Before Departure    170 USD

1-4 Months Before Departure    200USD



2: Deposits and Refund

Deposits are not Refundable but are useful for the very consecutive next four years from the date of payment.


3: Payments Process

Once your Deposits are received it is a confirmed departure and we will facilitate you for the visa process. And we will try to get the trekking permit and other necessary documentation required for the trek.

Your payments will be received when you are in Islamabad Upon your arrival for the gondogoro la trek.



Why Book Now!

Early Booking can help you and us a lot in the whole k2 trekking process, we have to Do documentation, Bookings and arrange logistics and you will get everything on time. Your token money will be spent on these arrangements.


1: Early Bird Discounts

Early Birds Discounts can be avail upon early bookings and these are Given for a shorter time period.  Booking Before December can avail 5% Discount for a single booking and for more than two people it is an 8% flat Discount.


2: Limited Space in Peak Months

One of the main reasons for early bookings is the influx of Tourists to North Pakistan in the Summer season. Lodges and hotels are overbooked and it become hard to find good accommodation in the City (Skardu). We reserved our Rooms in Skardu when we have a confirmed booking so early booking can help to get proper accommodation in Skardu.

As well a limited number are flights are operated for Skardu from Islamabad. So we need to reserve our seats ways earlier to avoid any delay in the schedule.

4: Pay Minimum deposit

Those who booked early have to pay low deposits as compere to late bookings.


5: On-time trekking permit issuance / No Delays

We try to get the trekking permit and other necessary things done before time. So early booking for k2 trek can help both you and us to get through all these red tapings smoothly without any delay.

If you are a female solo trekker we will accommodate you in the departure and usually have other solo females so you can share the room and tent on twin sharing basis.

And if there are not any female trekker available for sharing the tent or room we will offer you separate tent/ room without any extra Charges.

K2 Gondogoro La Trek FAQS

What's the maximum height during k2 and Gondogoro La Trek?

The maximum altitude on K2 Gondogoro La trek is 5585m, at Gondogoro La Top. Trekkers gradually gain elevation while trekking to k2 and Gondogoro la. It starts from 540 m from Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan, 2,228 m at Skardu the hometown of Karakoram mountains, 3040 m at Askoli the last village,4998m at the k2 base camp with the optimum altitude of 5585m at the Gondogoro Pass Top.

Is Pakistan Safe for Foreigners?

Pakistan is totally safe for tourists except in some places along the Afghanistan border, rest of the country is safe, beautiful, and hospitable to foreigners Particularly the northern mountainous region (Gilgit Baltistan) is the safest destination in Pakistan.  The region has a very low crime rate even some district crime rate is zero.

K2 Gondogoro La trek participants will spend 16-17 days of their stay in Gilgit Baltistan.

We recommend our clients to follow their respective travel advisories and do some research before the visit. You can find thousands of independent testimonials and travel diaries of Foreigners online these days.

K2 Base Gondogoro La Safety

K2 Gondogoro La trekking participants spend most of their time in Skardu valley, the place is one of the safest in Pakistan. Other safety concerns are natural disasters but fortunately, we have not seen any kind of hazards in the past. The trek to k2 Gondogoro La is totally safe. There are seldom chances of floods, avalanches, crevasses stone fall, etc. we recommend walking along with your guide, ask him for any kind of assistance you need. During the trek on Baltoro Glacier gives way to the horses or donkeys if they are intercepting the track.  While climbing and descending the Gondogoro la make sure to accompany a crew or rescue staff.

To avoid high altitude sickness, adhere to the basic principles of safety, be fit and healthy, do acclimatize, do not rush, and listen to your body.


What is the registration process?

Fill out the registration form on the website, after finding a suitable time slot (Fix Departure) for the Gondogoro La trek pay your advance deposit and we will proceed with the visa process. Once your advance is deposited you are registered and your booking is confirmed.

What to carry for k2 and Gondogoro la trek?

All necessary items mentioned in the k2 Gondogoro La trek equipment and apparels list (mentioned above) should be packed for the trek. Your most important item should be with you like cameras, cash, documents or any other thing or gadget.

Our maximum baggage allowance is 13 kg for each trekker. During trekking days, you should carry your own water bottle, rain jacket, snacks, cookies, and camera.

How does the Gondogoro La Trek operate?

After arrival at Islamabad our staff will pick you up and transfer you to the partner hotel and the next day they will drop you up at the airport. Our staff will be waiting at Skardu upon arrival our staff escort you to the hotel. Throughout the city transfers or jeep transfers, our staff will facilitate you at every step.

The trek to k2 and Gondogoro La starts from Skardu after crossing Askoli village we will move along all staff and supplies there will be no lodges or hotels on the way so we have to carry everything we need throughout the trek.

How much to Tip?

There is no fixed tip amount. It is a rooted tradition here as well as a token of appreciation for the team. We recommend each participant to budget 120-180 USD for the tips on the trek. Your guide will collect the tip and distribute it among the guide staff, kitchen staff, and porter or supplies staff at the end of k2 gondogoro la trek in a ceremony.

How much cash should I carry?

Other than the k2 Gondogoro La trip charges and tips, you can plan your budget depending upon your extra expenses on souvenirs, gifts shopping, etc. we recommend carrying up to 400 USD or Equivalent in your currency.

Tips and shopping are mostly taking place in Pakistani rupees in Pakistan. So Upon arrival, you need to exchange your currency for Pakistani rupees you can find multiple exchangers in Islamabad and Skardu. you can also ask us for currency exchange we do the exchange at the same market rate.

In Islamabad, you can use credit cards at multiple places for shopping but in Skardu, you need a debit card to shop or withdraw cash from a teller machine.


Single Supplement Tent/Room


For Single Hotel Room you have to pay $ 150  extra amount and during the trek single tent accommodation will cost an extra  $ 250.

What is the Task and responsibilities of the Guide?

Our guide is the person who operates the whole trek in the mountains. He will coordinate with the team leader and proceed the trek to k2 base camp, Gondogoro La and back to Skardu. Trekkers are bound to ask him for any kind of assistance, complaint, or feedback.

Our guides are professionally trained, government licensed, English fluent, and have years of experience in the mountains with trekkers of diverse ethnicities.

For the private trek, we will try to hire a guide who can speak the native language of the participants. I.e. if you are a group of Spanish / Chinese speakers we will hire a guide who can speak the following languages.

Our assistant guide, kitchen staff, and porters always move with you. You can ask them for any kind of help throughout the k2 and Gondogoro La Trek.

What will be the food menu during Gondogoro La Trek?

A variety of food items will be served during the trek including Pakistani and foreign foods.

  •  Breakfast: butter, jam, cereals, cornflakes, porridge, omelet, fried eggs, paratha/Chpati pancakes, tea, and coffee.


  • Lunch: soup, biscuits, crackers, long-life cheese, Tuna, Sardine (canned meat/ fish), rice, noodles, and chocolate.



  • Dinner: rice, dhal, vegetables, meat (mutton or chicken), biryani, pakoras, fried rice, pasta, soup, pasta, chowmein / noodles fruit, and dessert.

*The first few days of trek fresh vegetables and fruits are served as long they are fresh and healthy.  Vegetarian participants must inform us beforehand so can arrange a vegetarian food menu for her/him.

No drinks are served during the 14 days of the k2 and Gondogoro La trek but you can bring your own.


Is Covid Vaccination mandatory for k2 base camp trek?

Covid Vaccination is mandatory for travelers to visit Pakistan. Visitors must bring their covid vaccination certificates. Everyone 5 years or older must be vaccinated before visiting Pakistan for any purpose.

What is a private tour and do you organize private treks for Gondogoro La?

We Arrange private tours upon request for k2 Gondogoro La trek. In private trek, you have more a flexible itinerary and options to customize the tour according to your plan

The weather for the trek to k2 and gondogoro la ?

The k2 trekking season starts from June to the end of October.  In Islamabad it will be very hot in summer, the temperature can rise to 45 ℃. Skardu would have moderate weather from June to October. In the Karakoram mountains, the weather is unpredictable it may rain or snow any time of year.

In early June the whole trekking route is all covered with snow that gradually melts by mid-June, by then there is not enough snow on the trek but there may be a spell of snow anytime. From mid-June to the end of august the weather will be moderate with an extreme temperature of -10 ℃ at Concordia or K2 base camp at night.  Even on a sunny day of July night and morning temperature will be freezing on the glacier. The Monsoon system does not have any huge impact on the Karakoram region but still, there are frequent chances of rainfall in the monsoon season. From mid-September to the end of October it will be colder with the lowest temperature below -10C / 15 ℃.

In sum, the weather is not accurately forecasted / Predictable in the Karakoram range so it is always a better plan to come up with proper preparations. Crossing the Gondogoro la is totally dependent upon the weather, it is risky to cross the pass in bad weather, we have to wait till the weather improves or return the same way.

Where can I get clean drinking water?

During the first few days Gondogoro la trek, we have access to clean spring water, even we boil the spring water for safety purposes. On the Glacier, we collect glacier water in containers and boiled it for trekkers they can fill their bottles with boiled water throughout the k2 and Gondogoro la trek.


We also provide water Purification tabs and purifiers for cleaning purposes and trekkers can bring their own for the trek as well.

We recommend bringing two bottles for water storage, a purifier, and not using disposable plastic containers.


How do I go to the toilet during the trek to k2 and Gondogoro La?

At lower altitudes, we have toilets till Urdukas camp. But on the glacier, there will be toilet tents at the majority of camps while there are camps where toilets may not be in proper conditions.


Can I take a shower along the trail?

The first few days of k2 Gondogoro la trek till Urdukas we have access to fresh running water, you can wash and shower till Urdukas camp.  Ahead of Urdukas camp, the weather conditions do not allow to take a shower until back to Urdukas or Saicho.

Once we are at Saicho Camp after crossing the pass it’s an oasis where you can bathe and do laundry.

We would have portable showers throughout the trek, you can ask the guide for the shower or to warm water if you need to take a shower.

What will the accommodation be like?

Accommodation in the early and ending days of K2 Gondogoro la trek at Islamabad and Skardu will be arranged in well-furnished up to the standard Hotels / Guest Houses with in-suite amenities on twin sharing basis for same-gender participants.


While for the trekking days in the Karakoram, spacious sleeping tents are provided on twin sharing basis for same-gender trekkers. We also arrange single supplement accommodation for trekkers upon request. A single female participant will be provided a single tent if there is no other female trekker in the team without any extra charges.   

Best time for K2 Gondogoro La Trek?

The best time for k2 Gondogoro la trek starts from mid-June to October, with July, August, and Mid-September being the prime months.


Our Gondogoro la pass Fixed Departures operate from June to October. We also organize treks upon request throughout the year.

What are the trekking Permit and NOC for K2 Gondogoro La hike?

K2 and Gondogoro la trek is being done in the Indo-Pak and Pak-China border the region is known as the Central Karakoram National Park and it is classified as a restricted region. Trekkers need a trekking permit and NOC from relevant authorities before going for K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro la

What will be the terrain like on Gondogoro la pass trek?

More than half of the trek is done on Baltoro glacier, it is a rugged and rough glacier with up and downs all along the track, the trek on Baltoro glacier is exhausting for the early few days.

The lower part of the Baltoro glacier is steeper and the moraine is very rough till Goro I. The trek from Goro I to k2 base camp the track become comparatively smooth and straightforward.

Trek to Gondogoro from Concordia starts on Vigne glacier it is smooth crispy white glacier till Ali camp, onward Ali camp it’s epic and difficult the climb and decent of gondogoro pass until khusapng camp.

Khuspang to Saicho trek is also on Gondogoro glacier for a few hours and the rest of the trek is on an easy and smooth trail till Hushe Village.



Maximum Walking Hour During the k2 Gondogoro la trek?

There are no fixed walking hours during the trek to k2 base camp and Gondogoro la, some days are long and some days are short. A fit and healthy person has to walk around 5-8 hours daily on average. It may take more or lesser hours for trekkers with different fitness levels.

A typical Day of k2 Gondogoro La trek?

The first few days are consumed for city transfers on the  gondogoro pass trek. Once we are on the trek a typical day start at 6:00 am, our guide or supporting staff will wake you up for a morning tea, hot water is ready for washing and brushing. When the whole team is in the mess tent breakfast is served. Every trekker is bound to pack up his belongings and empty their tents before leaving for breakfast.   Porters and staff have to dismantle and pack up the tent, luggage, and supplies ASAP Because they have to reach on lunch spot on time.


After breakfast trekker will set out for the trek till lunch point, after an average of 4-5 hours trek you will be at the lunch spot. It will take around an hour for the lunch.

After lunch the trek resume for the next 3-4 hours on average till the next destination. When you are at the next destination all the camps will be set up already or in progress. You will be served with a hot cup of tea with snacks/cookies, tents are set up already, you have enough time for rest and excursion.  Diner is offered at sharp evening, some participants want to chit-chat after dinner while others prefer to go to the bed for rest. And the same schedule repeats for the next 14 days except for rest days and Gondogoro La crossing Day.

Maximum Baggage allowance?

The maximum allowance for k2 Gondogoro la trek is 12kgs, for an additional kg you have to pay 10 $ Per Kg.

Are all fixed departures guaranteed?

Fixed departures are tentative tours for a given year or season.  Make sure the status of a certain fixed departure for k2 Gondogoro la from our website. If it says “Available” it means, we are accepting participants for that Date.


If the status says” Limited Seats” it means, we are a few registrations short of a packed departure.


And the status ‘Guaranteed’ means we are operating that departure and we have enough registrations for that Gondogoro la departure.

Can I go Solo to K2 and Gondogoro La?

Trekking to k2 base camp and Gondogoro la is not possible for solo travelers the trek required a licensed guide and registered Trekking company.

Maximum Group size?

The maximum group size for the k2 Gondogoro la trek is 10 members.

What if the flights got canceled?

Skardu is a mountainous town and the flight operation is always dependent on the weather conditions so it is normal to get cancel your flights for Skardu and from Skardu in bad weather.


In case of a flight cancellation from and to Skardu, we do not have time to wait for a better weather window, the alternative option is to travel by road through the Karakoram highway.

Where can I Rent or purchase the apparel and equipments in Pakistan?

You can rent and purchase second-hand climbing gear and apparel in Skardu but there is no market in Islamabad for this. Our guides will facilitate you throughout the process.



It is recommended to bring apparel or equipments with you. It is hard to find good quality equipments in Pakistan. There is a resale market in Skardu for second-hand climbing and trekking items but they are not very reliable. And the shortage of gears or apparel is common in peak season.

Is there wifi or electricity during the Hike to k2 and Gondogoro la?

We will Carry electric generators for teams of more than 5 participants for charging gadgets and lighting in the camp, but if the team members are less than 4 we will provide solar panels that will be enough for Charging electronic gadgets and lighting to k2 Base camp onward from base camp there will be no electricity till khuspang camp.


Wifi is contingent on the SCO (Special Communication Organization) booster at Concordia camp. If the signal works there our guide will provide wifi to the whole team if the booster is not working there is no option of internet and wifi. wifi is only available in Concordia and k2 Base camp region and the rest of the camps do not have the coverage of the cellular network.

Is Karakoram highway safe to Travel?

Karakoram Highway is a totally safe place for foreign tourists and provides one of the most scenic raod tip experiences of north Pakistan and its mountains.


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