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Max Altitude 6,090m
Max Temperature(c) 35
Min Temperature (c) -16
Climbing Days 8-10
Trekking Days 5-6
Hotel Stays 6-7 nights
Group Size 4 Min
Gilgit Baltistan


Laila Peak Expedition

Laila peak expedition is no doubt a splendid opportunity for the climbing enthusiast to climb a challenging 6000m peak in the heart of the Karakoram range


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Laila Peak Expedition provides an opportunity to climb a splendid 6000m, in the Karakoram range of Gilgit Baltistan. Laila Peak synonymous with the “Queen of Karakoram” is one of the most beautiful peaks in the world. Located between Dalsangpa and Khuspang camp in the Hushe Valley of Karakoram range, the distinctive needle-like spear rise at the altitude of 6096m.  Laila Peak is a desirable tourist attraction for nature lovers particularly Skiers due to its splendor and magnificent spear-like Shape.

We arrange solo and groups Laila peak expeditions for our clients all across the globe and all around the year. We offer both full board and base camp services for the Laila peak expedition. The journey to climb Laila peak starts from Islamabad. Then fly to Skardu, the capital town of Karakoram. After spending a few days in Skardu for preparations we will drive to the Hushe valley and trek to the Laila peak base camp in the next 2 days. It will take less than a week for professional mountaineers to climb the Laila peak. Laila Peak Expedition is mostly commenced from the west face of the peak from the Gondogoro glacier.


Climbing and Skiing History

Like many peaks of Karakoram, there is no reliable information available about the first legal ascent of Laila peak Pakistan. The first ascent was made by a British team including Simon Yates, Sean Smith, and Mark Miller in 1987 via the west face.   During the early ’90s, a German team climbed Laila Peak by the same route followed by a Swiss team in 1993 but both were done illegally. In 1997 Italian party including Fabio Iacchini and Paolo Cavagnetto climbed Laila peak with Camillo Della Vedova, Giovanni Ongaro and Guido Ruggeri.


Laila Peak got attention in 2005 when Fredrik Ericcson and Jorgen Aamot from Scandinavian countries set out for Laila peak expedition to Pakistan to ski down this beautiful mountain in 2005, but they could not make it up to the summit and decided to ski down 150m below the summit.

Till then there are multiple summits of Laila Peak with the distinction of the first-ever summit of Laila peak in winter by Alex Txikon and Jose Fernandez on February 18th, 2013. And recently on 10/05/2021 Polish Andrzej Bargiel and team Ski descent of 6,096m Laila Peak.



Laila Peak Altitude:

Laila peak altitude is controversial Some believe it to be 6200 meters whereas some mention it as 6614 meters. Italian team consider it is 6200m but  Britain, the first ascenders described its height as 6614m. In a Japanese mountaineering map by Tsuneo Miyamori (published in 2003), the elevation of Laila Peak is mentioned as 6096 meters and it is rectified by recent ascenders.


Laila Peak Climbing Information

Laila peak West face has a steepness of 45-50 degrees in more than 1500 vertical meters. This is the face that attracts the most expedition to Laila peak. The lower part of Laila Peak is covered with soft snow; the upper part is covered with thin layer of ice, it is mixed ice climbing and rock climbing peak. From the summit, one can see all the major peaks of Karakoram including K-2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum’s peaks, and many others.  The easy, nearby Gondogoro Peak (5650m) can be used for acclimatization if so desired.


Laila peak Expedition Cost

We offer the following Laila peak expedition costs for climbing enthusiasts all around the world.

Solo 2 Person 4 Person More than 4
$ 4500 $ 3,800 $ 3,200 $ 2,600





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