Snow Lake Biafo Hispar La Trek -20 Days

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Max Altitude5,150m
Total Trek Distance80 Km
Min Temperature (c)-16
Hiking Hours5-10h/day
Camping Days12-14
Hotel Stays6-8 nights
Group Size4-12 Person


Snow Lake Biafo Hispar La Trek 2024-25


Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with the Snow Lake Baifo Hisper La Trek, a truly iconic and challenging expedition set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Karakorum Range. This trek is a testament to the raw beauty of nature, offering trekkers an opportunity to traverse through rugged terrains, high-altitude passes, and serene alpine meadows. The journey begins Asloli village passing through the rugged Biafo Glacier and  the mesmerizing Snow Lake, a pristine glacial basin surrounded by towering peaks, providing a surreal backdrop for the adventure that lies ahead.



As you ascend through the Baifo Hisper La, the thrill of conquering this formidable pass at an elevation of over 5,000 meters is matched only by the panoramic views that unfold before your eyes. From snow-capped peaks to deep valleys, every step on this trek is a testament to the unspoiled grandeur of the Karakorum. Our experienced guides ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, while the challenging terrain guarantees a sense of accomplishment that few other treks can match. Join us on the Snow Lake Baifo Hisper La Trek, where every moment is a step into the heart of the Karakorum, forging memories that will last a lifetime.


Our Best Trekking Holiday Cost and Packages


Including the classic  Snow Lake Biafo Hispar La Trek – 20 Days,  we offer the following  trekking holiday options for individuals and groups all around the world.


Other than Trekking Pakistan Himalayas the rest of trekking’s are challenging and hardcore mountain hikes.


 Trekking Holidays Cost USDCost Euro
The Karakoram Delights – 16 Days$1,650€1,600
K2 Base Camp Trek20 days  (All-Inclusive)$2,200€2,200
Trekking Pakistan Himalayas – 16 Days $2,000€2,000
K2 Gondogoro La Trek-20 days (All-Inclusive)$2,250€2,200
Arando Haramosh La Trek – 18 Days$1,950€1,900


Snow Lake Biafo Hispar La Trek Cost

Adventurers  can join one of our Snow Lake Biafo Hisper La Trek fixed departures with a fixed price of $2,800 per person. Our fixed departures are mostly confirmed and everything mentioned in the services included will be provided at a fixed cost that is USD 2800. To join a Snow Lake Biafo Hisper La Trek Fixed Departures Please scroll down to fixed departures and cost.


Private Trek Cost


Private treks are our foremost priority where you can decide your own itinerary and we offer special discount for private treks and  foreign trekking companies.

If you are looking for a private Snow Lake Biafo Hispar La Trek with family and friends, our cost schedule for groups are  given below in the table:


Solo Cost2 to 4 person Cost4 to  8 person Cost8 to 20 person Cost


If you are willing to join a Fixed Departure, Our Dates and Prices for Snow Lake Biafo Hispar La Trek 2024-25 are given below.


Snow Lake Biafo Hispar La Trek Departures And Costs

10 July 1 August $ 2,800 Available Book Now
20 July 9 August $ 2,800 Guaranteed Book Now
5 August 25August $ 2,800 Guaranteed Book Now
8 August 28 August $ 2,800 Available Book Now


Snow Lake Biafo Hispar La Trek Itinerary

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Altitude : 5,40m
Location : Islamabad

Upon arrival at Islamabad airport, our dedicated staff will be there to welcome you. You'll be escorted to your hotel, providing you with the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. We highly recommend arriving in Islamabad at least a day prior to the start of the tour, allowing you to acclimate and be ready to embark on the adventure on the morning of day one.

Altitude : 2,226m
Location : Skardu

Our group is scheduled to take an early morning flight to Skardu, the largest city in Baltistan, lasting approximately 50 minutes. In case of clear weather, this flight promises awe-inspiring views of Nanga Parbat and other majestic peaks in the vicinity. Upon our arrival in Skardu, guests will enjoy the freedom to rest and explore the city and its vibrant bazaar at their leisure. During the day, we'll complete the necessary formalities for our trekking permits at the local government office. In the evening, we will gather as a group for a delightful dinner.

Altitude : 2,226m
Location : Skardu

Today, our team is engrossed in procuring food and organizing all the necessary group supplies. During the morning and early afternoon, team members can explore the city at their leisure. In the late afternoon, time permitting, the group has the option to visit Kharpocho Fort together. We'll reconvene for dinner as a group, gearing up for our departure the next morning

Altitude : 3,050m
Location : Askoli

Today we will embark on an adventure to Askoli. The team will gather early at the hotel, and after a hearty breakfast, we'll load up the sturdy 4x4 jeeps to embark on the rugged and dusty journey to Askoli—the gateway to Central Karakoram National Park. The drive from Skardu typically spans between 6-8 hours, contingent on the prevailing road conditions, with a lunch stop along the way. Upon our arrival in Askole during the late afternoon, we'll set up camp on the premises of a modest lodge. Askoli is the last human settlement before the Snow Lake Hisper La Trek.

Altitude : 3,570m
Location : Namla

Embark on the trek by initially following the renowned K2 Base Camp trail, veering westward onto the Biafo Glacier. The path ascends over a shoulder, leading to the left moraine before descending onto the glacier itself. Afterward, it returns to the left bank, where the picturesque camping site, Namla, awaits behind a protective lateral moraine.

Altitude : 3,720m
Location : Mango

Upon navigating a fracture zone on the glacier, we find ourselves in the central expanse of the glacier, where we trace our path along moraine ridges. The terrain poses a challenge with loose rocks underfoot, demanding extra caution. Our day concludes as we establish camp on the left bank of the Biafo, nestled in a serene grassy area.

Altitude : 4,040m
Location : Biantha

The journey persists up the glacier's central expanse, offering a more manageable path on a wide ice highway compared to the previous day. Transitioning to the right, we exit the glacier and arrive at a grassy terrain hosting Baintha camp.

Altitude : 4,040m
Location : Biantha

This day of Snow lake biafo hisper la trek iserves as a well-deserved rest day for both trekkers and porters, facilitating acclimatization to the high altitude. Whether you choose to unwind in the camp's tranquility or opt for an energetic stroll up the ridge behind, you'll be rewarded with splendid views of the Latok group and The Ogre. Keep a keen eye out for the elusive Ibex, which frequently graces the grassy slopes above.

Altitude : 4,300m
Location : Marfogoro

Embarking on the glacier entails a steep and uneven ascent, but once conquered, the flat expanse of the glacier offers a more straightforward trek. As we progress, caution is advised near crevasses, with the option to secure our passage by roping up, depending on conditions. The trail unfolds breathtaking panoramas, showcasing peaks like The Ogre (7,813m), while providing the first glimpses of the majestic Hispar La and the pristine Snow Lake.

Altitude : 4,590m
Location : Snow Lake

Our journey today leads us to the southern extremity of a vast snowy expanse named Snow Lake, navigating through a labyrinth of crevasses. This high-altitude glacial basin, spanning over 16 kilometers at the confluence of the Biafo and Hispar glaciers, holds a storied history. In 1892, Martin Conway, the inaugural foreign visitor, bestowed upon it the name "Snow Lake" and painted a vivid portrayal, declaring it "beyond all comparison the finest view of mountains it has ever been my lot to behold, nor do I believe the world can hold a finer."

Altitude : 5,150m
Location : Hisper La

Embarking on today's trek, we ascend towards the expansive Snow Lake region, eventually making our way to the ascent near Hispar La. The climb to Hispar La, though not excessively steep, presents a formidable challenge at this high altitude, demanding heightened stamina. Amidst the ascent, the landscape requires our vigilance due to the presence of crevasses. Upon reaching Hispar La, the panoramic views unfold magnificently – a breathtaking vista gazing down the Biafo Glacier to Snow Lake, with The Ogre standing proudly, while on the other side, the descent down the Hispar Glacier reveals a mesmerizing tableau of peaks extending into Hunza.

Altitude : 4,470m
Location : KhaniBasa

Awaken to the awe-inspiring sunrise casting its hues over Snow Lake, Biafo Glacier, and the snow-draped peaks of Hunza. Refuel with a nourishing breakfast, prepare your gear, and embark on an exhilarating journey. Traverse Hispar La, descending towards the enchanting Hunza Valley. Navigate crevasses on the glacier, followed by a serene trek on flat terrain. Cross the Kani Basa glacier, a unique fracture zone where the Hispar and Kani Basa glaciers converge. Upon overcoming this challenge, reach the picturesque Kani Basa camping site nestled in a grassy ablation valley, offering stunning views of the majestic Kanju Sar (7,760m). Unwind in the tranquility of your tent, savoring a night immersed in the breathtaking surroundings of Kani Basa camp.

Altitude : 4,130m
Location : Jutmal

Prepare for a demanding day ahead as we navigate through a succession of moraine ridges, surmount a precarious scree slope, and traverse numerous glacial streams. The journey leads us to Jutmal camp, strategically positioned on a grassy expanse alongside the glacier, offering a well-deserved respite amid the challenging terrain

Altitude : 3,760m
Location : Bitenmal

Continue along the glacier's central expanse, akin to a vast highway. After an hour's journey, descend a steep bank to traverse another side glacier, returning to the familiar valley where the terrain becomes more favorable. Nestled in a large meadow frequently utilized by herders from Hispar village, Bitanmal camp offers a serene and welcoming space to rest and rejuvenate.

Altitude : 3,600m
Location : Falaling Chish

On this day of Snow Lake Biafo Hisper La Trek, we will embark on the final side glacier crossing over the Kunyang Glacier, followed by an ascent up a steep path. A stream crossing lies ahead, leading to the expansive meadows at Falaling Chhish.

Altitude : 2,900m
Location : Hisper Village

Departing from our base at Falaling Chhish, a bridge crossing brings us to the picturesque Hispar village. The vibrant greens of orchards and terraced fields starkly contrast the black and white landscapes of the Hispar Glacier. Depending on road conditions, our jeeps may await us in the village; if not, a brief stroll precedes a short drive to our final campsite, concluding this memorable trek.

Altitude : 2,300m
Location : Hunza

Today we start a scenic journey from Hispar village, traveling along the Nagar River to reach Karimabad. Begin with a thrilling one-hour jeep drive through the narrow tracks of Nagar village before connecting to the Karakoram Highway at the Hunza River junction. Continue along the highway, tracing the Hunza River, until reaching Ganish village. Depart from the Karakoram Highway, taking a right turn to arrive at Karimabad. Check into a comfortable hotel and relish the remainder of the day to refresh, unwind, and explore the charming town. Rejuvenate with a hot shower and the luxury of a real bed, ensuring a tranquil night's stay in Karimabad.

Altitude : 1,200m
Location : Chilas/Kagan

Early in the morning we will take a Bus or Coaster and start a mesmerizing journey from Hunza to Chilas or Naran Kaghan, reveling in the breathtaking vistas along the way. Traverse through picturesque landscapes, where towering mountains, lush valleys, and pristine rivers create a visual symphony. Whether heading towards the serene Chilas or the captivating Naran Kaghan, each destination promises a unique charm, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and tranquility for an unforgettable travel experience.

Altitude : 5,40m
Location : Islamabad

Today's drive from Chillas or Naran Kaghan to Islamabad promises awe-inspiring views as you traverse through the captivating landscapes of Northern Pakistan. Surrounded by majestic mountains, lush valleys, and pristine rivers, the journey offers a visual feast of natural beauty. The drive encompasses the stunning scenery of the Kaghan Valley or the picturesque town of Chillas, making your way towards the capital city of Islamabad.

Our Snow lake Trek or Biafo Hisper La Trek concluded and we will see you off at Islamabad airport


Snow Lake Biafo Hispar La Trek Highlights

Snow Lake: Begin your trek at the mesmerizing Snow Lake, a pristine glacial basin surrounded by towering peaks.

Baifo Hisper La Pass: Conquer the challenging Baifo Hisper La pass, reaching elevations over 5,000 meters for breathtaking panoramic views.

Rugged Terrain: Traverse through rugged terrains, offering an adventurous journey through the Karakorum Range.

Remote Villages: Interact with local communities in Askoli and Hisper, gaining a unique cultural experience.

Serene Alpine Meadows: Experience the tranquility of alpine meadows, providing picturesque settings along the trek.

High-Altitude Landscapes: Explore diverse landscapes, from snow-capped peaks to deep valleys, showcasing the raw beauty of the Karakorum.

Experienced Guides: Trek with confidence, guided by experienced professionals ensuring safety and an enjoyable experience.

70-80 Kilometers: Cover a distance of approximately 70 to 80 kilometers, experiencing the diverse terrains of the trek.

Sense of Accomplishment: Challenge yourself physically and mentally, gaining a profound sense of accomplishment by completing this iconic trek.

Unforgettable Memories: Forge lasting memories of a lifetime amidst the untouched grandeur of the Karakorum Range


Services Included For Snow Lake Biafo Hispar La Trek

  • Implementation of all Covid SOPs
  • All domestic transportation Flight, Jeep, and Car
  • All accommodation during hotel stays on twin sharing basis
  • All accommodation during trekking days on twin sharing
  • Separate Room or Tent for Single Women Participant
  • Professional Guide and Supporting staff
  • Professional cooking staff and assistants
  • Best Porters team (Porter for personal luggage of 12kg)
  • All meals according to the itinerary
  • Trekking permit fee, Waste management fee, and toll and bridge charges
  • Satellite Phone for emergencies
  • Boiled water, snacks, cookies, and dry fruits every day during the trek
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Mess Tents, sleeping tents, toilet, and shower tents

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