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Max Altitude 7,027m
Max Temperature(c) 35
Min Temperature (c) -16
Climbing Days 13-15
Trekking Days 5-6
Hotel Stays 6-7 nights
Group Size 4 Min
Northern Areas Pakistan


Spantik Expedition


Spantik Peak Expedition provides a unique opportunity to climb above 7,000 meters in relatively easy and safe conditions in the spectacular Karakoram range. Our Spantik Expeditions undertake the southeast ridge of Spantik peak from Shigar Valley. Spantik peak altitude 7,027m lies in a different region far from regular trekking and expedition routes in the Karakoram.


Spantik Peak is perfect for mountaineers who have done big treks in Karakoram or Himalaya or those who have climbed a 6000 m peak before. Spantik expedition is a must-do climbing adventure in the Karakoram, it is a heaven for climbers aiming at 8000m peaks. Spantik peak is the best peak to attempt before going to climb big (8000m) mountains. Spantik is also known as the training station for 8000 m peaks in the mountaineering world due to its relatively low difficulty and easy climbing approach. Spantik Expedition is a perfect introduction to climbing in the great Karakoram. Spantik is not only the best peak to test yourself above 7000m but it will also provide the fantastic experience of Karakoram valleys, people, culture, and mountains in their prime form. Compared with other Climbing expeditions Spantik Peak difficulty is relatively low in technical terms and is one of the low-cost expeditions in the Karakoram range, additionally, the trek to base camp is equally rewarding.


Spantik Peak Climbing Information


We undertake Spantik Expedition from the southeastern face, this face is straightforward and provides a safe climb, mostly thick snow with a few technical sections with no absolute danger. Spantik peak lies to the south of Hisper Glacier and stands above Chogolungma glacier at the border of Shigar and Nagar Valley of Gilgit Baltistan. The approach to Spantik Peak base camp is through Shigar Valley after 6,7 hours of jeep drive from Skardu city to Arando village of Shigar valley.


Onward from Arando trekking starts through glaciers and rocky patches of Chogolungma glacier till Spantik base camp, sounded by beautiful mountain scenery and countless peaks of above 5000m. Base camp at Spantik will be established at an elevation of 4360m. Camp I will be at the elevation of 5100m, Camp II at 5500m Camp III at 6250m altitude. The technical section above the mountain has fixed ropes for safe passage.


Spantik Peak Climbing History


The southeast ridge of Spantik peak was first attempted in 1906 by the American Couple Fanny and William Bullock-Workman, but they manage to climb to 6700m. But the mountain was the first time summited by a German Expedition under the leadership of Karl by this route in 1955. Till then there have been many expeditions with a higher rate of the summit.


Spantik summit in clear weather conditions presents a great 360-Degree view of the spectacular Karakoram mountains. These peaks include neighboring Rakaposhi, Diran, Malubiting, Ultar, Battura Group, Haramosh, the entire Shimshal Mountains, K2, and Nanga Parbat far beyond.



Who is Spantik Expedition for?


We encourage individuals and teams from around the world to join one of the fixed departures or private expeditions. Men and women all around the world can join us, as most of our team members are individuals, we arrange teams accordingly.


Participants must be in good shape for the Spantik expedition. Spantik Peak difficulty is manageable as compared to other 7000m peaks of Karakoram. If you have climbing experience of any 5000m or 6000m peak  (LhakpaRi / North Col, AmaDablam, Mustagata, Island peak Aconcagua, Denali, Chimborazo, Alpamayo, or other) anywhere in the world you can find yourself eligible for Spantik Peak. Those who have experience of doing Big trekkings like (Everest Base Camp Trek, Island peak trek. K2 Base Camp Trek, K2 Gondogoro La Trek, or Snow Hiper La trek, or any other trekking of the same difficulty in Karakoram and Himalaya is Eligible for this Expedition with ample training.


Spantik Peak Expedition Cost

We Offer the Following Costs to individuals and groups for our Full Board Spantik Peak Expedition.

we also provide Base Camp services for Spantik Expeditions, you can also join one of our fixed Departures at a fixed price of  USD 3,800.


Solo 2-4 Person More than 4
$ 5,600 $ 4,100 $ 3,800







Spantik Peak Difficulty

Spantik Peak Difficulty


Spantik is considered the easiest 7000m peak worldwide due to its non-technical climb. Spantik is no doubt a non-technical peak but it does not mean it is a trekking peak. Situated at the border of Shigar and Nagar valley Spantik peak is a serious undertaking for alpinists around the world. Spantik is the first big mountain with little technical difficulties and is free from absolute objective danger. Alpinists consider Spantik expedition difficulty, as an intermediate, Grade 2 mountain climb.



Spantik Peak Difficulty Camp Wise:

Camp 1 (5100m):  The route from base camp to camp 1 is initially on grass, gradually climb up a solid rocky ridge at camp 1. It is a steep climb of up to 3 hours with hiking shoes with no absolute difficulty.


Camp 2 (5650m):  Climbers have to put on their climbing shoes and crampons to venture into snow.  The climb from camp 1 to 2 is mostly on moderately angled snow but will require crossing random crevasses. Expedition members have to climb in rope teams while climbing from camp 1 to camp 2 to avoid the risk of crevasses. It can take  4-8 hours depending upon the snow level and weather.


Camp 3 (6295m): Scenic Camp 3 is situated on a wide plateau that affords incredible views of the Hindu Kush and Karakoram. The climb from camp 2 to camp 3 includes the steepest slopes on which a fixed-line will be placed for security during ascent and descent.


This is the most difficult day of the Spantik peak expedition, as the climbers have to cross the most technical part of the peak. Still, no extreme difficulty but has to use the Jumar for the 45-degree slope cum crevasses on a narrow ridge. Ropes are fixed at most difficult sections, till camp 3.


The Summit:

Camp 3 to the summit of Spantik usually takes around  8-12 hours and is mostly done in Alpine Style with group members teamed up in ropes. This section is vertical with thick snow till Spantik peak summit. The descent to camp 3 generally takes around 3 hours but climbers will aim to descend as low as possible.


Spantik Expedition


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